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Like the Trojan horse
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-11-14 10:07:25
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Soon in Africa we are going to have a real taste of how much damage George W. Bush and his private war in Iraq has done to international peace and the institution that was founded to guarantee international peace. A civil war has turned into a local war and soon with all the neighbor countries involved it is going to turn into a continental war and let’s see how long is going to stay like that since interests float to other continents as well. And since weapons are not enough it is natural that cholera now makes sure that no innocent will survive in DR Congo.

I’m sorry if I often come back to George W. Bush but the damage this man’s administration has done internationally is unbelievable and I have to admit that I often wonder what the hell Barack Obama is going to do, the man needs at least four years only to correct all the disasters the last administration has brought. But of course there are no worries, the six pack Alaskan mother as she said lately the Republican Party and especially her are always ready to step over and act if “…Washington fails to offer leadership!!!” These were her exact words and if George W. Bush has been proved the worst disaster found earth imagine what would happen under Sarah Palin’s leadership!

I wrote exactly the same thing a few weeks ago, what happens in DR Congo didn’t come as a surprise, even the cholera epidemic now had been a thing of talks months ago the thing is what did we do to prevent knowing always that the ones who are going to suffer in the end are the weak and innocent, women, older people and of course the kids. The answer and I’m really sorry to say it, we did nothing, absolutely nothing. Oh yes the United Nation’s Security Council met a couple of times with the usual vetoes from both sides and a decisions that in many words said nothing and of course the UN General Secretary gave a brief conference where he reassured everybody that he will pray for them; since most of the things he said don’t make much sense at least praying is a solution, you never know somebody up there might feel sorry for all these dead kids.

The day George W. Bush ignored all the calls of the United Nations, all the calls of international leaders including calls even for the Pope and invaded Iraq with fouls excuses – does anybody remember the weapons of mass destruction Saddam supposedly had and they were able to bomb even the British bases in Cyprus? – and catastrophic outcome; that things have quitted lately in Baghdad doesn’t mean that everything is nice and quiet, most likely we don’t hear much because the number of dead American soldiers has decreased and the media cannot be bother count the dead Iraqis any more, dead Iraqis don’t make news anymore! That day it happen exactly the same thing that happened a few years before WWII.

In the first months of 1919 the leaders of the world said that the war that had just finished it was time for a war to finish all the wars, Woodrow Wilson, Lloyd George and Clemenceau met in Paris with the leaders of the world trying to give an end to all kind of wars and oddly Kosovo, the Kurds, the end of the Ottoman empire, the Armenians, a land for the Jews and the future of the African colonies were some of the main issues; it was the beginning of the League of the Nations as they called it then. The League of the Nations despite all the effects, the unity and the aim to fight war failed to prevent the WWII, the genocide, the death and the distraction of the whole world and in 1949 were replaced from the United Nation. The same ideals and for the ones who have read the history Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the inspired figures of the new United Nations.

But it was meant for the second international peace body to make exactly the same mistakes and I feel like Cassandra, the Trojan clairvoyant who predicted that the horse the Greeks had left outside the city on their leave was not good news for the Trojan people who started celebrating and entered the horse inside the city with the known outcome. Is just the same now, is like there is a Trojan horse full of fouls ideals about wars against terrorism, a horse that has become a monster that has eaten all our rights, rights that we fought for centuries, a monster that creates Guantanamo, a monster that says that I am the peace, I am the solution, I will protect you because I’m blessed and inside its belly is full of bloodthirsty warriors.

Ignoring the United Nations was a crime! How arrogant to think that one nation, only with the power of the guns, the military and the industrial power can replace the United Nations? I often wonder if anybody reads history anymore, if anybody of all these brains that surround the presidents reads the basics. Which other nation thought exactly the same, the arrogance of a weapons and industrial power which thought that can establish a new order? Read history, Hitler didn’t come out with a coup, he was elected believe it and in few years he and his gang ignoring every single call of the League of the Nations expanded fighting terrorism, giving preventing hits in other continents and doing everything for international security and peace. That’s what the British Prime Minister Chamberlain said when he arrived back from Germany waving the sign treaty with Hitler and that only weeks before the invasion to Poland that started the WWII.

Africa was in ebullition the same time, new colonists, new powers, new nations; probably different names than today but Congo was the center of conflict again that period. And I’m not comparing George W. Bush’s administration with Hitler, thankfully democracy is much stronger today and can prevail and Barack Obama has proved the truth of these words but unfortunately history repeats herself and that scare me. What scares me more is that history repeats herself in the letter and the United Nation is the latest prove and probably one of the first works for the new US president.

The United Nations must re-establish itself; they must become again the power behind peace and security, the constitution that guarantees peace. An international organization with members all the nations of the world whose aims are international law, international security, economic development, social progress, protection of human right and most of all world peace. An organization that prevents wars and provides a platform for dialogue! The United Nations must be led by somebody who can succeed these aims and force them with his persona only, not a weak man, afraid and manipulated because of his dark financial and scandalous past. The General Secretary of the United Nations must become the leader of the world with one and only weapon, peace and dialogue and not a president of the country with the most powerful weapons. Then the kids of Congo will be safe at the moment their blood is on the hands of George W. Bush, of Bin Ki-Moon, of Barroso and all of us!

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Alexandra Pereira2008-11-14 22:05:07
"damage this man’s administration has done internationally is unbelievable and I have to admit that I often wonder what the hell Barack Obama is going to do"
He formed a transition team with several consultants for McKinsey and Company, a consultancy company which, among other notabel works, has formed a team to help rebuild after... the tsunami disaster! Very appropriate!!

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