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by Asa Butcher
2008-11-13 10:14:54
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Angelina Jolie says she may give up acting to concentrate on family life and eventually becoming a grandmother.

Oh no! Does that she is finally swapping Tomb Raider for Womb Raiser? Sorry!

* * * * *

Doctors in Germany say a patient appears to have been cured of Aids by a bone marrow transplant from a donor who had a genetic resistance to HIV.

Incredible, absolutely incredible.

* * * * *

The European Commission has scrapped controversial rules that prevent oddly-sized or misshapen fruit and vegetables being sold in Europe.

Finland sighs with relief as it can continue to sell them in their supermarkets.

* * * * *

N'Sync star Lance Bass says he is two inches shorter since returning from his Russian cosmonaut training in 2002.

Apologies, but I just couldn't resist an N'Shrink joke...

* * * * *

Soul diva Aretha Franklin has been named the greatest singer of the rock era in a Rolling Stone magazine poll.

No word on the position of the great Mrs. Miller.

* * * * *

Iran says it has successfully tested a new long-range surface-to-surface missile that is capable of hitting targets in Europe.

Another chance for the Iranians to practice their Photoshop skills.

* * * * *

Google's philanthropic arm Google.org has released a new site that tracks the incidence of flu in the US based on terms used in Google searches.

Simple, yet brilliant.

* * * * *

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