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Environmental thoughts
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-11-12 09:42:06
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I suppose living in a cool apartment, doesn’t matter where from New York to Paris or Helsinki; all furnished with environmental friendly designs and carefully recycling all the rubbish in different bags for organics, paper and tins. It is not necessarily a rich house, it can be any house. Add to that vegetarian food and joking in the near park and here you got a person who characterizes him/her as environmentally aware. I’m sorry, I don’t try to create stereotypes but somehow I’m fed up with the people who preach environmental awareness from their sofa in front of their sixty-inch flat screen television; apparently a lot of them are even members of green parties – in Finland they are the ideal members!

But when something really critical environmental happens, something that demands reaction, real awareness and the effect to make more people aware they …turn to their television control zapping between the channels trying to find a film enough intellectual for their standards. I have seen it too many times. The Green Peace organization keeps making loud noises about the new nuclear plant in Finland and the accusations are serious. The financial glitches are tremendous and they are leading in construction problems with uncountable and might catastrophic outcomes.

What does the Green Party in Finland do? Please don’t laugh, they are too bothered with losing their ministerial seats so they …shut their mouths and bury their heads in the sand that the conservative party provides them, you see in Finland the Green Party is unique, it has become the lackey of the conservative party. My big question has for long been what the hell the people who are actually environmental aware do in this country. I suppose they are in a way numb. Of course there are the representatives of the Green Peace who really do their best but what about the rest? I think the best point is how you would dare say that you are green in Finland without making everybody who knows what Green Parties represent laugh. I have written it a couple of years ago, I’m writing it again, Petra Kelly is lucky to be dead and not see what happened to her dreams and her worries. The greens in Finland especially after the major political decision to join the conservative government have become a joke.

By the way, believe it or not, member and candidate for the Finnish Green party later joined the far right party and became candidate in the last elections. She said in her site that it was time for some …green in the party ignoring the fact that doesn’t matter how much green you add on black it stays black! But then again there is a new thing in the internet, Nazi environmentalists, believe it there are blogs and sites that are proud to be that! How can you combine racism, nationalism and prejudice with environmental issues it is a mystery to me.

The ideals behind the Green Parties, at least when they were created back in 70s with the German to be the first was that the center of their environmental worries was the man, the humanity in all and every sense. The worker, the immigrant, the abused and the bullied. The biggest damage to the environment and in extent to any human activity is again humanity in her overproducing, waste of resources and over-consuming!

The latest proof of how much we have mistreated this environment and how big is our responsibility and I’m using ‘we’ because I have often wrote that the responsibility is collective just like the solutions must come collectively; is what happens in Maldives. Has anybody of those sofa environmentalists that a nation is sinking to disappear because of an environmental catastrophe? The new prime minister Mohamed ‘Anni’ Nasheed, the first to be elected after democratic elections tries to aware all the world for the destiny of his country and her people. Do you understand this? A whole nations is going to disappear because we screwed our environment, because the global worming has increase the level of the water, because ice is melting in the north pole, because we have been proved so irresponsible the last fifty years even though aware of the sequences.

But I suppose the Finnish Green party has nothing to worry, who cares after all if temperature has increase dramatically the last years in the land of snow and Santa Claus? Who cares if the last two years we saw only twice snow in Helsinki and that vanished in two days? I suppose you don’t expect the Finnish Green Party to care, are too busy at the moment worming their ministerial seat and hoping that they will get another one in the next election and you never know, in alliance with the far right they might even form a government one day and have a prime minister. As far the environment …who cares?

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