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Vote Obama & bring the wind of change
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-11-04 07:23:38
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The last few weeks with what has happened in the financial world, we have actually found out what was the essence of the Bush directive: Wait and it will be corrected alone. The amazing thing is that there are people who actually believed it and waited and they are ready to do so for another eight years.

Another amazing thing is that this Bush directive was followed in every single issue making you wonder how the hell public health and insurance could work it self, while the only ones who have it are the ones who have the money to have it. And it didn’t stop there but it expanded in education, in employment making the poor poorer and more unemployed and homeless. The democracy of the United States of America found troubles even in its foundations with a president who ignored even basic human rights in the name of a war in the wrong place.

The war against terrorism became a personal war against Saddam and later transformed into a war for profit with all the American companies that the family Bush or the Cheney’s had investments or interests to make unbelievable profits, the same time hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were killed and hundreds of American soldiers. American soldiers that were not killed to defend American soil or their land, American soldiers keep dying in Iraq defending Bush’s and Cheney’s companies while their families back in the state endanger of losing everything because of the unbelievable handling of the economy.

And there is a man who tries to become the next President of the United States promising to follow this directive, the George W. Bush directive the very same one that Palin, McCain’s running mate, ignored when questioned in an interview.

The American electoral system is a bit strange for us who vote straight for our prime minister or president and varies from state to state leaving a lot of room of all kind of cheats and tricks and far more room to lawyers, after all that’s how Bush managed to beat Al Gore. But the last elections proved that the young people and the poor have a voice and now the numbers are bigger and the tricks the Republican Party has used are known so what is left is for the American people to practise their right aware of the obligation they carry towards the whole world, obligation to hope and change.

The last two weeks we saw everywhere from the campaign to the news even in blogs what it means a dirty war and Goebbels propaganda methods; McCain supporters and the Republican Party has used everything. Despite all the talk about the reverent who supposedly influence Barack Obama there is still a 40% in the state of Texas who believe that Obama is a Muslim there for an enemy. These are the people who vote for McCain and makes you wonder if that’s the icon America wants to show.

Here in Ovi magazine we know that over 40% of our readers are from the USA and we hope that they can see the reason for voting a candidate who among others can take care of the people and not private companies, we hope that the American people remember that the American constitution starts with the words, ‘we the people’ so they can elect for president the man who is from the people to the people and among everything else he is one of them and understands them.

A man who doesn’t think that a plumber makes more than 250k a year, I’m sorry but when somebody makes these sort of money he is not a plumber but the owner of a company that hires for pennies plumbers and uses them to make this sort of money. A man who understands the need of national health insurance because his very own mother had to fight for it on her death bed and a man who has worked and hasn’t lost the count of how many houses he owns.

It’s the day for the American people to make a use of their day off, for the students to practise and learn democracy it is the time for the people to say no to the Bush and McCain gang. Most of all they have to start this wave of hope for a change that will spread to the whole world and bring hope from the refugee camps in Darfur until the starving people of Congo and Zimbabwe or the neighbourhoods of Paris and Warsaw even in Tokyo.

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Get it off your chest
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Emanuel Paparella2008-11-04 11:25:56
Good advise Thanos. The hard part begins tomorrow after Obama has been elected and people begin to realize that they have to do the heavy lifting and change their assumptions and attitudes and even their life-style.

Moreover, I remain curious about the European's reaction toward this country in general after it has elected its first African-American president. I understand that some still don't believe. In a few hours we will surely know.

The Elephant2008-11-04 12:13:59
Liberal media hard at work. Pathetic. Cheating? What are you 5 years old and since the guy you like didn't win you point fingers at the opposing party instead of the poor platform of your favored candidate? I voted for Bush in 2000, in West Palm Beach FL, I had no problem with punching the ballot.
All you seem to talk about are things, in your opinion, that are bad about McCain and Pallin. You don't say much of anything about the good things that Obama or Edwards have done. Why not? Is it easier to slam an opposing candidate than find something good that your candidate has done? If that is the case I am glad you don't have a vote.
People should vote for a candidate because they believe in them and their policies, not because they don't want the other guy to win.
I see Obama winning this election. If that is how my fellow country men and women feel than so be it. I have nothing but respect for the president of the best country in the world, no matter what political affiliation. If Obama gets in I hope that he puts together a cabinet with enough experience to guide the country.

Emanuel Paparella2008-11-04 12:45:34
As it occurred to you, Mr. Elephant, that one of the obvious reasons why McCain and Palin are on their way to defeat is not the liberal media used as a conveninet scapegoat, but their own negative, mud-slinging guilt by association campaign? Is that the elephant in the room? It is there for all to see. Ought it not have been obvious to the more politically astute Republicans that it will not work this time around?

The Elephant2008-11-04 13:36:33
I'm sorry did you read between some non existent lines Emanuel? Did I use the liberal media as a scapegoat? Let me read, nope. Did I say that McCain and Pallin didn''t use mud slinging guilt by association campaign, let me read, nope again. But as a side note, both sides did that.
I did point out that the author appears to have a liberal look on things. As this is a magazine, that would be the media part. I think you read into something that was never there. What are the "politically astute Republicans" doing that will not work again?

Emanuel Paparella2008-11-04 16:24:12
That last question is better answered by Karl Rowe whose shabby tacticts have now been adopted by the man who, together with his running mate, calls himself a maverick. I am afraid that " my president,and my country right or wrong" which is there in between the lines of your message, has never honored anybody's patriotism. As Chesterton put it, to have a mother who is a drunk and to to say "my mother drunk or sober" is not really to love one's drunk mother. To love one's mother means that one begins by acknowledging that she is a drunk and go on from there to seek a remedy. If that convinces you perhaps you ought to consider voting democratic this time around, Mr. Elephant.

The Elephant2008-11-04 17:09:42
I am a very plan spoken person. I do not talk in riddles and never hide what I am saying. Why, Emanuel, are you insisting on a hidden massage? I honestly don't get where you are going with the Chesterton quote. (Chesterton as I recalled was appalled at what Hitler did to the Jews but still said there was a "Jewish problem", if I recall correctly. Good person to quote). Are you questioning my patriotism? If so why? What have a wrote that tell you I am not patriotic?
If FDR was reincarnated I would certainly vote for him.

Emanuel Paparella2008-11-04 18:17:50
Good to know tha elephants are plain spoken, or as McCain would put it, they do "straight talk." Let me be just as plain spoken. I am not questioning your patriotism or your motivations which I know not. All I am saying is that when you write "I have nothing but respect for the president of the best country in the world, no matter what political affiliation" you are in effect saying "my mother drunk or sober," or the equivalent of "my country right or wrong." As Chesterton pointed out, it is good to love one's coutnry and even think of it as the best in the world (although it would be more credible and modest to let others say that as indeed it was before Mr. Bush's disatrous eight years) but to truly love and honor one's country, one also needs to acknowledge its warts and defects and try to remove them. Surely, if Richarch Nixon were to run again, you would not vote for him, even if he had been a former president. Obama may well turn out to be great President at a par of Lincoln (a Republican) or FDR. Should we not give him a chance?

Emanuel Paparella2008-11-04 19:18:54
P.S. As regards questioning patriotism, that's a question better asked of Governor Palin who has called the rural regopms where she campaigned "the pro-America" parts of the country.

Alexandra Hussein Pereira2008-11-04 19:30:35
Maybe you convinced The Hussein Elephant, Mr. P. Either that or he's out joining the circus.

The Elephant2008-11-04 20:47:04
I really don't care what Palin has to say, she was not the correct choice. I didn't vote for McCain or Obama, I will leave it to your imagination who I did vote for. Did you assume that I was a McCain supporter? You know what assumption is, right?

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