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A prank, a political trash and a lot of lawyers
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-11-03 08:34:21
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"You know, I can see you as President one day," and she answers, "Maybe in eight years!" But he didn’t stop there, he told her that he loves hunting and she answers fast, "I think we could have a lot of fun together as we're getting work done, we could kill two birds with one stone that way.” Happy with her answer he noted, "I just love killing animals, take away life, that is so fun," and she …giggled.

For the ones, the very few who haven’t read the above dialogue, a Canadian comedian pretending to be the French President Nicola Sarkozy called… Sarah Palin; a woman, who is not only a hopeful vice-president of the USA, but also arrogantly believes that she will be a presidential candidate in 2012. I’m sorry to say but I’m not laughing, the word to describe how I feel is …terrified!

A man with a French accent called her introducing himself as President Sarkozy and she believed it giggling when the comedian said that he loves killing animals or that his ‘wife’ Carla Bruni was composing a song for her and he even tried to sing the first verses. The amazing thing is not only that the comedian’s phone call passed all security, something that should seriously trouble the American security services which to some level excuse why Ms. Six-Pack Palin thought it was a real one but her answers.

When somebody tells you I love killing animals, it doesn’t matter who the hell it is you don’t giggle, it is not a joke and when the same person asks for the future plans giving a full report is equally politically unacceptable, especially while the election day is just hours away. I wrote it in an article about the American elections a few days ago and I’m going to write it again, George W. Bush has proved that even an idiot can become the President of the United States as long he or she has the money and the right connections. However, Palin is not just an idiot, but a dangerous idiot and she might be really good as a host in a reality show on Trash TV but as a vice-president of the country that manipulates at least financially the world it will be dangerous, as a president it will be beyond description, we had better move to another planet.

Writing it I realized that only hours remain until the Election Day and while both candidates are racing the last meters another group has become the last minute protagonists in this long campaign, the lawyers; true, believe it or not this minute thousands of lawyers from the state of California to Florida and from New Work to Utah are fighting trying to stop the law-games Republican lawyers play trying to stop people of voting just like they did four years ago, just like they did eight years ago all with cheap trick.

It looks like in the greatest democracy on earth, the country that wants to be the role model for all the countries in the world when you are poor, when you lost your house or when you don’t have driving license you are losing the last sign of democratic dignity among others, you are losing your right to vote and especially when the good lawyers know that these people will naturally vote the one with the more chances to give them hope for regaining their lost dignity, the democratic candidate Barack Obama.

I don’t know how happy George W. Bush was eight years ago when he won cheating but then again the man is missing dignity himself but let’s see how much McCain wants to win by cheating, I suppose only hours are left till we find out the truth and this time we will because after eight years of Bush is not a game anymore, it is not a case of standing on my side for the good of the country or the people because the people need the change. Most of all the people don’t need a continuation of Bush’s policies it doesn’t matter if the name will change from Bush to McCain and they definitely don’t need the trash McCain is carrying with the name Sarah Palin.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-11-03 10:56:36
At this point Sarah Palin has become a liability for McCain spkeaking volumes about his poor judgment and costing him at least two points, as per latest analysis of the polls. Indeed, Lincoln had it on target: you can fool all the people some of the times, and some of the people [the Joe the plumbers]all of the times, but you cannot fool all the people all the times." As I have previously observed, I will be intrigued by what Europeans will have to say about this country tomorrow if, following "the better angels of its nature" to paraphrase Lincoln again, it elects a Black president some 148 years after Lincoln's emancipation proclamation. There is in this country a will to perfectibility, as James used to say, that is unfortunately been poorly understood in a Europe all to prone to Machiavellian analyses despite its vaunted superior ideals, and remains to be discussed and explored.

Sand2008-11-03 16:59:29
There may be a will to perfectibility in the USA but the important question is "A perfect what?"
The nation elected and re-elected Bush and he hardly disguised his nature and his capabilities in both elections. I suppose the type of perfectibility of the nation can be reasonably accurately judged by those instances

Emanuel Paparella2008-11-03 17:48:42
As Shalom reminds us in his article today Gramsci postulated pessimism of the intellect and optimism of the will which indeed designates a self-reflective human being who understands that he is not wholly determined by the laws of nature. So it is a choice leading to Machiavellian Hobbesian deterministi cynicism or to the exercise of one's God given freedom. I'll take Kant anytime to Hobbes and Machiavelli.

Sand2008-11-03 20:50:48
I wonder what kind of freedom a nation experiences when it cringes in fear behind the most powerful military force in the world and permits a vicious fool to destroy it's most precious constitutional rights because a ragged primitive maniac in a cave hiding in mountains halfway around the world screams his hatred.

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