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Mugabe and Obama
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-10-31 09:10:24
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I have to admit that when I was writing that there will be no solution in Zimbabwe as long Mugabe is one of the negotiating parts and not in prison I was really wishing they would find a way out of this situation. Somehow I was wishing that the monster hadn’t eaten all the humanity and there was some dignity left to this dictator, enough at least that would make him leave the country and let the people live or at least survive.

But obviously Mugabe has no idea what dignity means. In a period when financial titans like the USA and EU live the total economic nightmare Zimbabwe is in hell with an unbelievable inflation that reaches millions of percent and unemployment that is over 80%. That’s the reality of the Zimbabweans and the man responsible for that has a name and it is Robert Mugabe. There are no excuses and no alibis and his role is not going to darken only Zimbabwe’s history but the whole of African history because there are a lot of African leaders that either support him or with their silence let him survive.

As a European I have expressed in many ways my embarrassment when Barroso invited him for the EU-African summit and I think that that day Barroso proved that he is the last person to hold the president’s seat in the European Union. But the former president of South Africa Mbeki was equally idiotic by trying to negotiate with Mugabe for a peaceful solution and even now after his forced resignation from the South African presidency he insists on playing the same role.

The final break for the negotiations was last week's problems Mugabe’s government caused with the opposition leader Mr. Tsvangirai's passport. Cheap and juvenile tricks to keep him away from a meeting, idiotic attitudes to stop the real representative of Zimbabwe to appear in a regional summit in Swaziland that’s Mugabe’s politics. But nobody should be surprised actually this idiotic act has been his practice for years most often crossing the limits of murderous crime.

But then again how did we end up here, how did we end up with Mugabe continuing his murderous ruling, killing, imprisoning, raping and torturing the Zimbabwe people and most importantly how are we going to get out of here. The people of Zimbabwe are not anymore able to get out of this crisis and the regional help has failed due to Mbeki’s efforts. The United Nations are the ones who haven’t got involved yet actively but the fact that Ki-Moon is leading as the Secretary General doesn’t leave much hope. The man is good only as a host for a champagne and caviar evenings or for a cruise around tropic islands as far his institutional work he makes even Kurt Waldheim, the Nazi SG of the UN look good.

Oddly and that what makes these US elections more important, Barack Obama is the final hope for the Zimbabwe people. The wind of change this man is bringing with him might change not only US but the whole world, might make people and useless Secretaries General more aware of their position and their responsibilities. Might make some actually move and if we are so lucky might make even Barroso to resign and return to a farm in Portugal – even though I would feel really sorry for his neighbours – but not much other hope is left and of course everybody worries for the next step of the Zimbabwean opposition.

Not much is left for the next step and actually Mugabe has led the opposition there confident that it will give him the legitimate excuse to murder more and most likely vanish any trace of the opposition at least until somebody finds the graves he will put them in and of course I’m referring to the possibility of a civil war. It scares even the reference to a civil war but wars like that have started for smaller reasons not the gigantic excuses Mugabe has given for so long and the opposition in Zimbabwe can face with this possibility. It will be naïve anybody who will argue that they are not prepared for this possible future.

What remains is hope that something will be done soon before it is too late and been too late means far more deaths and this civil war will be the bloodiest Africa has ever face and there will be a lot responsible for that and not only Mugabe, a lot who left things go there either with their silence or with their sufferance.

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AP2008-11-01 13:45:10
Ahah I would be sorry for Barroso's neighbours too. :) Please don't send him back!
Although Barroso (who from a member of the Federation of Marxist-Leninist Students and a Maoist became a right-wing social democrat, according to conveniences) looks like a farmer, he doesn't have a farm. He could come and plant potatoes in Lisbon's gardens - to feed the hungry - or then take advantage of the free time and go back to Georgetown (Washington) where he would be in a privileged position to finally finish his PhD... humm could be about Obama and Mugabe!

AP2008-11-01 14:24:33
No, I really don't want Barroso as a neighbour farmer. Stealing our olives, fresh cheeses, sweet peppers, crayfish, lambs and galician cabbages to offer Mugabe a proper banquet during Lisbon-alike Summits while Zimbabweans don't have anything to eat? Sailing in our neighbouring dam's waters with Mugabe? That's repulsive. Hey, and what would he do to our farm dogs - take them away to guarantee Mugabe's personal security?

Alexandra Hussein Pereira2008-11-02 13:22:07
You know what's Barroso full name (a well-kept secret which could be a good reason to dismiss him already)?
José Manuel Hussein Barroso.

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