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The Marauding King Cons Are Chest Thumping!
by Leah Sellers
2008-10-30 08:28:01
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Yes, pounding Their puffed-up, over inflated, hairy, little chests with vain glory. The Global Financial Shell Game seduced, cajoled and suckered Us All. It worked! Selling one Loan at a profit to another Humanity-Eating Lender - another voracious Bank. Watching Those ethically corrupted Institutions - Pillars of Society - follow Their lead. Watching Them 'do' the same.

Shuffling and Selling for a profit one Loan after another. All of it Empty Money. Knowing that if the Loans got 'called in' the Ultimate Holder would never be able to pay it off. The last Red Handed Bank - the last Red Faced Lender left holding the Hedge Funds - the 'empty inflated bubble loans' would be the Big Loser. Making Big and Little Losers of Us All in a Global Financial Shell Game whose Careless, Blundering Bluff 'Got Called'.

Oops! The Financial Bubble popped! Their goes AIG! There goes Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac! There goes Lehman Brothers! There goes Mr. Sucker's pension and life savings! There goes.......!

Yes, the victorious King Cons are chest thumping!

Not only did They run off into the Economic Jungles and Hideaways with millions and billions of other people's hard earned money, but They got away with it and They're proud of it. Yes, They pulled off the Perfect International Heist and No-One did a thing about it. In fact, They Conned and 'paid off' lawyers and politicians to pass National and International Bills and Agreements allowing Them to take - to siphon - even More Money from the already Picked Pockets of the Hard Working Masses around the World in order to 'shore up' , 'clean up' and 'cover up' the Global Economic Mess They're foolish little Financial Shell Game created.

Why? Why would these Stellar Pillars of Society do such a thing to the unsuspecting hard working Drones and Worker Bees of Society? Greed! Avarice! Hubris filled, Insatiable Power! The Wanton and Unbridled Desire to have MORE! They did it because They Could Do It!

Will these Rabid, Sociopathic King Cons be held Accountable? Will They be placed in Cages so that They can no longer Prey upon or Harm unsuspecting, Trusting Societies who were convinced by Other Financial Wizards to Gamble Away Their pensions and life savings in the Money Making Markets (to be played with and stolen in the Crafty Global Financial Shell Game of Hedge Funds) instead of actually placing Their Life's Savings in a Safe (if there really is such a thing) interest bearing Savings Account? Will They be stopped - reprimanded - made to pay restitution - punished for Their Greedy, Destructive, Humanity-Eating crimes? Probably not!

They are the Mighty, Marauding Chest thumping King Cons! With all of the stolen booty from all of Our Global Economic Treasure Troves, These Humanity-Eating, Unconscionable Gorillas Rule the Roost - Rule the World's Economic, Legislative, Judiciary and Executive Jungles! "Them's that's Got the Gold has Got the Rule!" We puny, Slavish Masses are depending upon the very Leaders the King Cons have 'bought off' or 'Put the Fear of the Mighty King Cons In' to protect, defend and support Us. What's wrong with That picture?! What a Global Quandary We Hard Working Masses (and Hard Working Future Masses to Come) have All been left to Suffer!

Yes, the Mighty Marauding King Cons are Shamelessly, Jubilantly and Freely Chest Thumping all the way to the next Bank - the next Victim! Tally-ho and Away They Go! Swingin' and Thumpin' through the Global Economic Jungle's Money Trees with the Greatest of ease Doing whatever They narcissistically please!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-10-30 13:35:22
Indeed! And the unsuspecting Joe the Plumber is now campaigning for Mc Cain and Palin because he does not wish do distribute his wealth which in any case has already been redistributed upward. It would be funny if it weren't so sad. If Fellini were alive he would surely consider making one final movie complete with circus and clowns.

Alexandra Hussein Pereira2008-10-31 03:54:15
Nice to read an article from you again, Leah Hussein Sellers.

Leah Sellers2008-11-01 22:15:43
Dear Ms. Pereira,
Since my given middle name is not Hussein, I took the liberty of looking up the meaning of Hussein; especially since I noted that your middle name is Hussein (given at birth or given by yourself ?).
I discovered that Hussein is the diminuative of Hasan who was the son of Ali and the grandson of Muhammed. Hasan also means, "handsome" and is edrived from Hasuna "to be beautiful, to be good".
Since Hussein is your middle name I must congratulate you for being given (either at birth or by yourself) such an auspicious monicker. As for myself, supposing that you have not mistaken for someone else, I most graciously thank you for your compliment and shall do my utmost to deserve it.
Names are important. That is why I named my beautiful horse Easter (for the idea of Resurrection) and my cat Lucas, "Bringer of Light". The children in my family were also named for the meanings as well as the sound of their names.
My first name means Wild Cow. Since I have always been on 'wild side' (wild meaning prone to be free spirited and to go my own way) and like cows have always found myself in roles of nurturance and sustenance of Others or Ideas, I feel my grandmother named me appropriately - ha !
I wish you well, Ms. Pereira.

Alexandra Hussein Pereira2008-11-02 13:16:50
As a dedication to defective arguments used during US presidential rallies, and since this is elections week already, I'm calling all fellow contributors something-Hussein-something this week, until the elections day. Besides having a beautiful meaning, when we all have similar middle names there's no reason to be afraid of a different middle name just because... it is different.

Leah Hussein Sellers2008-11-03 17:19:43
Understanding the intentions of Another is almost always relieving - ha ! I appreciate, admire and share your sentiments and point of view regarding one of the True Beauties of the name Hussein, Alexandra Hussein Pereira.

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