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A Palin with a cape
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-10-29 08:39:43
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From the very beginning I had this weird feeling about Sarah Palin and with time I found out that more and more people had the same feeling all around the world. I know how weird this 'around the world' must sound for the American citizens but you just need to look at the events that have marked the last three decades.

From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the invasion of Iraq and today’s financial panic there is always an American president behind or better at the front, sometimes I feel that I know better the names of the American presidents over the last forty years than the presidents of my own country - however weird this might sound and this has nothing to do with how well I thought about them or how many times I found my self demonstrating against some of them or how well I felt when Bill Clinton apologized for the adventure the American policy of the time put my country into.

You see the American administrations’ hand is reaching one way or another everybody and of course this has nothing to do with the ordinary American people but they are often the ones to receive the reaction and they are the ones often visiting Europe – the old Europe mainly, the new Europe still has illusions – have been questioned and blamed for their administration’s mistakes and sometimes crimes.

I felt that somehow I had to make this prologue to excuse my negativity to Palin, a person that represents the worst side of America. Don’t worry we have some of that in Europe as well, and they have all of them the same religious fanatism that scares people, the very same attitude with blinkers, the very same lack of tolerance and don’t worry they use exactly the very same ways Goebbels used during the Nazi era. Palin is no much different than Le Pen. I remember during Mitterrand times Le Pen often accused the president with connections with terrorist, apparently at the time his favourite terrorist was Gaddafi, or another great European politician had to suffer similar accusations, Willy Brandt, a man that left a strong mark in modern European history.

But then again none of them had the absolute power the leader of the USA has and even we all saw Le Pen raising even to endanger France with taking over the presidential seat, democracy prevailed and put him in the right place, a name in history and nothing more. But Palin is another case all together. She masks her dark face with McCain’s dignity. I don’t agree in anything with John McCain, I think it would be a mistake for the Americans to elect him president of the USA and it will be sad for the whole world if George W. Bush catastrophic policy find a man who can continue. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t think that McCain is a politician with dignity who has shown in his long career a lot of positive signs.

When George W. Bush became president proved that in USA just anybody can become a president as long he or she has the money and the right connections, doesn’t matter how stupid this person is, so the possibility of McCain becoming president of the USA had some good points as well, the man seems to have a bit of brain at least. But I’m afraid in the cyclone of the campaign McCain actually believed that he is a maverick in American politics, he believed the myth he created for himself and he did a mistake that is going to be his nemesis, his choice of a running mate.

Perhaps choosing Sarah Palin he thought that he was joining forces with somebody that could give him access to a younger generation and women, perhaps he thought that Palin could help him with groups of voters he had upset in the past and the same time give him an alibi to sometimes liberal ideas he had shown in the past. Perhaps he miscalculated the wave of supporters Hillary was attracting; I think that what happened to him is exactly what Barack Obama has accused for many other issues, he missed the point. He saw the tree and missed the forest and this forest is very dark and the bogyman is a woman with an attractive face. An attractive face with very sharp teeth. Somehow I have the feeling that even Le Pen feels uncomfortable with her.

In every single action Sarah Palin has shown a person full of prejudice, with lack of tolerance; her attitude is …my way or the highway! I know most are afraid to say it even though they have used many ways to show it but I have the feeling the woman in another life was wearing a white cape burning crosses and the only thing that stops her of doing the same today is her political opportunism and greed for power. And unfortunately after 9-11th the American democracy has sometimes endangered the democratic rights in the name of the war against terrorism, actually has often reached the limits and the only thing that stopped this administration of crossing those limits is that the people still have the final word. What remains is that the American people with their vote will prove that they have the last word and this time their responsibility is not only to themselves and their nation but to the whole world.

For some Palin fun, check:

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Emanuel Paparella2008-10-29 09:20:35
Indeed, what does it say about a man who chooses an empty head with not one idea in it as a running mate? That he has done the "mavericky" thing and chosen a fellow maverick, as he goes around saying while not only defending her but even praising her. People like La Pen and Bossi and Palin are intolerant because they are not very intelligent, or is it the other way around? On the other hand the Socratic slogan "knowledge is virtue" does not work al the times either. Be that as it may, Maverick, translates as "opportunist," hardly intelligent and independent minded. Couple bad judgement and a short temper, and an intolerant and fanatical running mate who cannot distinguish religion from a cult, and you have a fatal mixture. Hold your breath, the rest of the world! And if Obama gets elected, as it looks likely, then begin changing your paradigm about the USA. Some of the assumptions may be wrong.

AP2008-10-29 19:36:01
Have you seen this McCain circus? The man is able to lie with every teeth in his mouth, live, on tv, to a respected host and to the whole country - like he did with Letterman calling him less than one hour before his show starting time, cancelling an interview with pathetic excuses, just to give another interview at the same time to CBS News and play golf with someone or whatever, and then kept avoiding going to Letterman's show for another 3 weeks:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFw-_e1ZckI (McCain's no show)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiBqHczYJYo&feature=related (McCain's show)

AP2008-10-29 19:57:19
An assassination plot to kill Obama and other people was broken up this week, and Palin must be rejoicing for the existence of other despicable human beings who wouldn't mind shouting at her rallies "Kill him". In fact, if something serious happens, she should go to court for irresponsibly tolerating such hateful slogans.

ap2008-10-29 21:05:15
"every tooth"

Alexandra Hussein Pereira2008-10-31 04:03:31
Sarah Hussein Palin - is she a bloke? Open discussion.

ouch2008-11-01 01:43:28
I have to live here in the US

I was from Alaska

Now you understand why I left

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