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India & Israel: A Wrong Alliance 2/4
by Shahul Hameed
2008-10-18 09:18:31
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During the Hindu fanatic movement Barathiya Janatha Party rule, the Pro-Zionist Hindutva intelligentsia took control of the political corridors of power in the Prime Minister’s office, the Defence Ministry and the Home Ministry in New Delhi helped the Israel aggression - befriending the Israelis and abandoning the Palestinians was put in place earlier.

Both the Israeli government and B.J.P. share repressive beliefs concerning the neighbouring Muslim countries as part of their political ideologies. The former claims the whole of Palestine to be the Promised Land of Jews alone and the latter considers India as a land where Hindutva should reign supreme. These similar ideological beliefs have led to a meeting of minds between the two extreme right-wing governments.

It is no wonder that both countries are known for their antagonism towards their neighbours for religious/political reasons and a repressive regime for the Muslim population living within. Seema Mustafa wrote in Asian Age, New Delhi, on 16 June 2002, “The BJP Government has shifted its foreign policy focus from Arab Nations to Israel.  High level visits leading to defence cooperation at all levels, and intelligence sharing marks the new friendship between India and Israel.”

According to The Telegraph of 25 June 2002, “Both BJP and Israel believe the two countries surrounded as they are by hostile Muslim neighbours, should strict together to fight Islamic people. With the B.J.P. in power in Delhi, the relationship has taken wings.” Feb 2007, in Delhi the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi met top Hindu leaders, including the leader of the Hindu terrorist movement R.S.S. and the B.J.P., in what was termed “the Jewish – Hindu summit”.  It led to a point "Declaration of mutual understanding and co-operation from the first Jewish – Hindu leadership summit.”

The declaration was signed from the Hindu side by Swami Dynnanth Saraswathi, head of Dharma Acharya Saba, who is close to the R.S.S. Kanchi Jeyandira Saraswathi was also involved with the Hindu side represented by some thirty prominent Hindu leaders. So, those statements confirmed Hindu militant groups close relations with Israel.


Israeli Intelligence agencies open offices in New Delhi on the lines of United states FBI - agreement modelled on similar lines.

Israeli Intelligence agency MOSSAD has open doors and maintained relations with dozens of countries which prefer that these connections not be known. The MOSSAD simply gives the other nations an easy layout – receiving military, medical and agricultural advice from the overenthusiastic Israelis without risking economic or Political boycotts of the Arab world.

The Indian government were unwilling to tell its Hindu and Muslim people about the secret relationship with Israel. Clandestine co-operation is always based on common interests, leading to an exchange of information.  It began this secret relationship with Israel in the 1970s. Again with no records to go by it can be safety assumed that covert military and intelligence exchange should have ensued till 1992.

India and Israel crushed Muslims Kashmir and Palestine, and also common agreement on a frame work that has gained global currently with Bush’s fake War on Terrorism, resulting in the new India – Israel – U.S. axis. U.S.-based Indian scholar, Vijay Prashad says MOSSAD and India’s Research Analysis Wing (RAW) shared information and analysis from the late 1970s onwards.

The Mossad trained Indian intelligence that now tackles the Muslims freedom fight in Jammu and Kashmir. During the B.J.P. Period, Home Minister Advani formalized intelligence sharing and co-operation agreement in his meetings with the MOSSAD Chief and Israel’s ministers dealing with security.

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's covert relationship with Israel allowed collaboration between the Indian external intelligence agency – Research and Analysis wing (RAW) and its counter part MOSSAD. Additionally, RAW was also the recipient of sophisticated electronics surveillance from Israel.

About 40 scholars from all over the world took part in a unique month long Sanskrit summer convention organised by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in July 2005.  These scholars are used to Israel supporting work in India.

Deccan chronicled published December 4, and June 2008, Israeli secret service agents visiting the Kashmir valley as tourists.  Last year 40,000 Israeli tourists visited Jammu and Kashmir.


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lamjan2008-11-05 12:51:47
it is true ????????

rahul2009-02-11 09:54:37
israel is great

Varghese2009-11-15 06:53:16
Indian Govt doesn't have guts to openly Support Israel their real friend.
Donot forget The ordinary Indians Love Israel more and this has been recently proved in a poll.
Long Live India -Israel frienship

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