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Hollywood & Ramayan 3392 A.D.
by Rajan Zed
2008-10-18 09:18:14
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Jews have come out in support of the Hindus who seem to be perturbed by the recent announcement of Hollywood movie “Ramayan 3392 A.D.”, which Hindus allege appears to pillage their sacred scripture Ramayan.

Advancing the cause spearheaded by acclaimed Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed; Rabbi Jonathan B. Freirich, prominent Jewish leader in Nevada and California, in a statement today at South Lake Tahoe (California), said, “I join Rajan Zed in urging the makers of Ramayan 3392 A.D. to use care and respect when depicting a text held sacred by more than a billion Hindus. Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus all share a reverence for central texts. We must unite to ask for mutual respect of each others’ texts.”

Rajan Zed, who is president of Universal Society of Hinduism, has earlier said that Ramayan was a highly revered scripture of Hinduism. Hollywood was welcome to make a movie about Ramayan but the final product should be the true depiction of it and not a fantasized or re-imagined version. Changing Ramayan to fit the Hollywood machine or for mercantile greed or similar other agenda was likely to hurt the Hindu sentiments.

Motion picture company Mandalay Pictures, producer Mark Canton of “300” fame, and Liquid Comics have teamed up to make this movie “Ramayan 3392 A.D.” Ramayan, an ancient Sanskrit scripture that consists of 24,000 stanzas, explores various themes, including human existence, concept of dharma, etc. Hinduism, oldest and third largest religion of the world, has about one billion followers. Moksha (liberation) is the ultimate goal of Hinduism.

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