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Evening thoughts
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-10-15 08:42:38
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Browsing the news lately has one and only result, feeling sick of watching the disappointment and pessimism. But then you start wondering if my pessimism is a result of the style the media transfer the information or the information itself. After reading for the last ten days everything about the doomed day the Dow Jones was bringing today we had the resurrection, and what a resurrection, with a near record followed by Nikkei and the European stock markets behind.

Hundreds of analysts from all around the world, after spending ten days making the head lines even in the tabloids, were telling us in how many ways they had predicated this end now they are writing how clever the governments were to follow their advice. The truth is somewhere in the space far, far away to what most of them wrote but the point it is not there because the doomsday came and passed for one more time for the media but nothing says that the same happened with the people.

How many more hits do they think people can survive? I mean it. First it was terrorism and this has been exaggerated so much to become an invasion, threats all around and most of all fear. A lot of fear for everybody, suddenly a man with long beard and dark lineaments became the enemy, the bad guy, suddenly the neighbour, the co-worker became a suspect and our multicultural society became nothing more than a society with ghettos.

Ghettos that didn’t reduce to colour, religion or ethnicity but expanded fast into language and face characteristics. The worst part is that these ghettos have no high walls but they are more visual than any ghetto has been before. The politicians have their share but then they are politicians, you expect them somehow to …bullshit, to exaggerate, to have their own very private agenda ready to sacrifice anything, most of all the truth, apparently this last one is their unique talent. But then the media, the media have an obligation to the people, at least theoretically and their obligation is not to terrify but to inform, explain and help understanding.

I suppose I don’t make sense now, agendas, implications, interests, influence, power and money have become one for most of the media and people have turned into simple numbers that turn into Euros pounds and dollars occasionally even yen and the tabloids managed to be the mainstream. Black Monday, Horror Tuesday and Doomed Friday are some of the titles that covered most of the serious newspapers and magazines last week without any of them making the real stand and say that 90% of the world’s population has nothing to do with all these games but they are the ones who will pay in the end the cost.

By the way Mr. Brown, Mr. Sarkozy and Ms. Merkel, where did you find the money with which you are going to support the banks for their losses? Losses that are a result of their own screw ups? I presume this money are not coming from their private accounts but are state’s money and by the way how the hell the state found this money? Taxing everybody and everything, it’s our money! And did the media say anything about it? Nope, the only thing they said is that a director of a financing company that this moment is in the middle of the cyclone was making 150 million dollars a year. That’s when the mainstream media turned into tabloids or at least to what themselves accused as tabloid’s behaviour and the poor people became poorer.

I know that I return too often to this subject, but ones more aside of something else the media have failed. I don’t know if what they said was true, if last Friday was really a black or a blue or even pink Friday, the funny thing is that just like the story with the boy that was crying all the time wolf until the real wolf came I’m not sure if there is any wolf at all and not that this was another game to increase prises and make the rich richer and the poor poorer and in this case the media have played the role of the kid and the wolf the same time.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-10-15 09:51:04
The problem may be that it is not a wolf but it may be more of a tiger. If is indeed very intriguing to me how preoccupied most people get with an economic crisis. Precious few are concerned with the spiritual crisis of modern man, what Jung dubbed "mocern man in search of a soul..." Of that crisis there seems to be little awareness, which, as Kierkegaard pointed out, is the worst kind of sickness: to be sick and not to be aware of it is the ultimate sickness, the sickness unto death. What did you call it a few days ago, Thanos, "the doping of the spirit?" Indeed.

Sand2008-10-15 11:07:31
Poor old Kierkegaard. He has bee sick and dying repeatedly in these pages almost daily. I thought he was already dead, but of course, the experience must be like those funhouse rides that never tires. Naturally, if you are kicked out of your house, one must expect a certain thinning out of the soul, and since the rich are only getting richer out of this misfortune I assume the fundamental forces behind the mess are still as voracious as ever.

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