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The second debate
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-10-09 08:52:27
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This time even I felt it, Barack Obama won the debate, the second one, and McCain looked to understand it and not like it at all! Actually watching the second debate I had the feeling that sometime McCain’s face with morph into Palin’s face with this soft patronizing style, thank god he didn’t wink in the end!

Watching the second debate between the two presidential candidates I have to admit after one point I started wondering when McCain will start attacking and provoking Obama’s wife and children, the man has turned into a monster in hits under the belt! Well hidden I must say, but still hits under the belt. And by the way one more thing I have never understand with this man without wanted to be disrespectful for his personal history, since when a prisoner of war becomes a master strategist and expert in war manoeuvres? The way he talks about it is like everybody should spend sometime as prisoner of war to understand what a war means.

I mean I have done my duty for my country and I have lived very close a serious situation that could lead to something nobody was wishing for, still been a prisoner of war was out of question and never crossed my mind and please I’m not any kind of hero and I hate only the idea of a war. It just doesn’t make sense why somebody is proud to be one. But McCain is not just proud, he says it again and again and I’m wandering why nobody says enough! Is this a way to create some kind of inferiority complex to Barack Obama and how? You are not good to lead a nation because you never been a prisoner of war?

And then it was his whole style, days after watching the debate Palin and Baden I had the feeling that McCain’s face will morph in a minute into Palin’s face and start talking about hockey mothers while drinking his six pack beer, grateful that chewing tobacco is illegal on television!

Watching the second debate you could not avoid admiring Obama, I mean the man has nerves made from iron or something strong like that. McCain in his non answer game, or better ‘you ask and I say whatever I like,’ a twisted game Palin had started a week before was really testing Obama’s nervous and not only his, he was testing mine as well and often make me wander how would I react to something like that. The answer is, that’s why I’m not the one standing there and dealing with him! And the only thing I can think of this minute is something I said before, do these people, McCain and his advisers think that American people are so stupid? But I suppose it is exactly as Obama said it, he doesn’t get it!

The problem now is for the American people to get it. But here I have to admit that I cannot say anything. I don’t live in the states and it is very big country to say that you know the place and the people with just a few months I have spent there but then again …they cannot be so stupid!

McCain was talking about one of the most critical issues the last three decades in USA, the health care system and how he’s going to execute his plan and I was wandering if he has realized that most likely the same people who didn’t have a health care plan will continue not having since the check will be exchanged with a plasma TV, food for the kids or the worst case scenario drugs and alcohol. But then again the man thinks that the average American makes more than 250,000 dollars a year and he was afraid about the tax Obama was planning to put them! You know I just hope the people who make less than 250,000 a year will vote for Obama. Their vote is enough! They must be something like …hmmm 60-70% of the US population!!! And that very conservatively is leaving another 40-30% making over 250,000 a year something logically impossible.

And when he started talking about Iraq, Iran and Pakistan I could just hear the drums of war! But my thrill was his often references to general Petraeus. I had the illusion that army people don’t get involved in politics but I’m sorry to say, this general Petraeus seems to spend a lot of time talking and advising McCain and how to deal with what Obama says. Perhaps this explains his failure in Iraq; the man simply doesn’t have the time and the brains to do anything, too busy with McCain!

Last but not least, thanks god he didn’t wink!!! I would have broken my screen if he had done so! Barack Obama was serious and himself explaining very clearly his positions and that’s why I’m not saying much about him. In this debate McCain was the clown!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-10-09 14:08:19
To my mind, Thanos, the question is not so much how many stupid people are there in America but how many racists are there who "would never vote for a Black boy" as one such said publicly the other day. That may indeed determine the outcome of this election. Come to think of it, xenophobia and racism do indeed go in tandem with stupidity.

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