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Internal promises of love
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-10-12 10:47:06
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I was amazed at how warm the references from the presidential candidates in USA and their running mates were to Israel during their debates. Actually in the debate between Palin and Baden they both gave internal promises of love to Israel, something that neither of them said about USA. Funny, weird or another example of how lobbies manipulate the American elections?

The bitter truth is that we Europeans and Americans owe a lot to Israel and the guilt from the Holocaust will not go easily, we could have prevented it and we know it. The moment Chamberlain was waving the paper he had signed with Hitler, thousands of Jews were led to labour camps and later to extinction and unfortunately for all of us Hitler had warned more than a decade before he actually started his criminal plan.

But the guilt is one thing and the public promises for internal love another, by accepting for example that Israel is part of the Middle East problem and definitely not part of the solution doesn’t make us enemies of Israel or a sign that we forgot our responsibilities, furthermore the whole thing seems like a sentimental blackmail over a whole state and is used often and in a hard way from the Israeli lobbies in Washington D.C.

And here I must admit in a very clever way because there are other nations that the west and particular USA has obligations and debts but nothing happen. Think of the Chinese people and their participation in the building of this nation, their blood is in every train rail all around USA and what about the Native Americans, I mean it is one thing to feel and express your guilt about people who have found their way on the other side of the planet and another thing to forget the people who live in the same land.

The truth is that Israel did a lot of the American’s dirty work during the Cold War and most of this dirty work is …classified and we will never get to know it. Please don’t think that the Europeans are innocent, Israel did a lot of dirty work for the Europeans as well, after all the European memories were stronger for the Israelis than the American ones if they had any. And nowadays Israel is ready to do the dirty work again taking the responsibility of the action as well. Code name of the dirty work, Iran!

Not that Iran is innocent or anything to do with Iraq’s case. Iran and the religious dictators are guilty all the way; they threaten and harass Israel in every single possible way. This has gone as far to dispute Israel’s right to existence, just like Hitler. They have crossed every line of prejudice and racism with Israel and somehow they are going asking for a loud answer, just let’s hope that this answer doesn’t mean another war in the era, there are many ways to give this answer and have the support of the whole world.

But then again returning to Washington, I’m not sure how much this strong influence of the Israeli lobbies’ help, especially when you have the candidates of the American presidency swearing internal love. The first time I heard it, somehow it sounded so out of the text if you know what I mean. It sounded like, USA has the power and the will to force a peace plan in Middle East but whatever will happen will happen only for the good of Israel and that doesn’t help much any negotiation and perhaps answers why all these presidents till now have failed. After all Israel forgets that peace in the region will first benefit Israel itself.

In that sense I just hope Barack Obama will keep what he has said from the beginning, keep his distance from the lobbies, as I said perhaps this way he will be able to help more Israel than any other Americans president has done till now. By the way, when Palin said loud in the debate that she loves Israel it sounded so hypocritical that scare me; it was like an old saying, when you have friends like that you don’t need enemies and Israel definitely doesn’t need friends like that.

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Sand2008-10-12 11:00:06
Obama is just as captive to Israel as all the rest. See http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article6619.shtml

There is a lot going on in US-Israeli relationships that is obviously not in the open.

Emanuel Paparella2008-10-12 15:34:16
Interesting article, Thanos. To look at the other side of the coin, Charlie Rose recently interviewed Ted Koppel where he (Koppel) revealed that he has just finished a documentary titled “The Last Lynching.” Of course, the documentary is about racism in America. Supposedly the last lynching went on in the early 80s. Koppel reminded us that practically every American Black family has a recollection of a lynching; not necessarily a physical lynching but a metaphorical one whose psychic wounds persist even today. Having said that, then Koppel also revealed that the documentary goes beyond the mere historical to explore how Blacks in general feel about Obama’s being nominated by the Democratic Party. He said that it was most obvious at the DNC where you had many Black delegates with lynching memory who could not believe their eyes at what had just happened in forty short years since the times of Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson (which in a way made it all possible) on whose shoulders Obama stands today. He with Rose were at such a convention and they both saw Black with tears flowing down their cheeks at the sight.

And then Koppel said something intriguing regarding the relation of the US with the EU, and, paraphrasing, he said this: the Europeans have a rather misguided notion of what this country is all about, especially now after eight years of arrogant unilateral cow-boy foreign policy by the present administration. But were Obama to be elected, as it appears, they will have to rethink their whole position, for presently they would never elect a minority member as president of their individual countries, not to speak of the EU. They will then discover that this country, with all its social problems and faults, has a core of decency, that they know nothing about. Food for thought!

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