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The Blaming Finger!
by Leah Sellers
2008-10-06 09:25:28
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The Blaming Finger is swinging wildly around the four corners of the United States of America these days. Yes, that Accusatory, Wagging, Bony Finger - shakes it self in front of Every American’s Face with vim and vigor - indignation and rancor. Yes, there’s enough Blame Pudding to go around for Everyone. But it won’t solve the Economic Problem (most Empty calorie desserts never do) - it won’t feed the Hungry WereWolf (ManBeast) beginning to raise Its Brutish Head and Howl away inside some of Us. No, Blaming never does.

Our Chickens have come Home to roost and the WereWolves have been put in charge of guarding, protecting and salvaging the Hen House! Is that the Fear Monger Boogie playing distantly in the background? Is that Chicken Little squawking to the Fear laden tune?

We have been Conditioned to Be Consumers. Modern Westerners Globally have been Conditioned to live on Credit and the magical, fast, childish, ‘gotta have it now’ inclinations stimulated within the Flash and Spend realms of Credit Card Land. No delayed gratifications. No learning the Patience and Other Lessons that come through the processes of Saving to buy what We Think We want or need (homes, automobiles, things with bling...etc.).

Compound that (with interest) with political, legal, business and banking Cannibalistic Greed (believe it or not, there are healthier, more balanced forms of free market Greed), and, of course, it leads to a steady increase of Excess and eventual Accession to Recession/ Depression. It’s all about Energetic Balance.

As the Oceans ebb and flow, as Yin is to Yang, as Light is to Dark, so, too, flow (or jerk around depending upon Who or What’s doing the manipulating) the Cycles and Currents of Social Economies. They, too, move with Energies directly and indirectly effecting and affecting Them. What We Put into Them or Take Away From Them is what we will get back.

If American Taxpayers give into a ‘bail out’ mentality, Nothing will Gained - Nothing will be Learned - Much will be lost - and the Ones responsible for Orchestrating this Catastrophic Imbalance of Power, unEthical and imMoral Behaviors, Betrayal of National and Global Trust will be rewarded for these despicable and ignoble behaviors and only come back for more. That’s what happens when behavior gets rewarded. The culprit (or culprits) come back for MORE! While balancing Our Economic situation We must include measures which deter the Wrongdoers, hold Them accountable for Their Actions (or nonActions), and seek forms of restitution to assuage and Pay Back the American Taxpayers whose Trust They have Betrayed.

This has nothing to do with Conservatism or Liberalism. It has Everything to do with Capitalism Run Amuck! Capitalism, like everything else, has Its Energetic Light and Dark Aspects, Checks and Balances. Benevolent Capitalism tends to serve the Needs of the Majority within a Society. Cannibalistic Capitalism destroys Everyone! Dog Eat Dog (WereWolf Eat WereWolf) feeding frenzies are inevitable - even perpetuated.

We - as Thinking - Enlightened Beings in a Democratic Republic can Transform this Energy and restore Balance, but it will require Enduring and Persevering through the Lessons and Energies of the Cause, Effect and Consequence Ripple Effect We have stimulated and allowed to malignantly expand.

We must put the Blaming Finger to Rest! It diverts Our Attention and Intentions from the real Work that must be done. It’s maniacal Blame Game is a waste of Our precious Energies and Time!

The Day of the Devouring Locusts must Come to an End - Nationally and Globally at all levels of Our Existence! This Season’s draught will eventually end! We can Liberate Ourselves from this Fear laden Trap of Our Own Making! Through Thoughtful Communication and Problem solving We Can weather this National - this Global Storm! The Life Giving Rains of Balanced Abundance and Prosperity can be Restored, and Future crops will again Flourish and Sustain Our Nation - Our Neighbors - Our World!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-10-06 17:31:56
Indeed Leah. Aristotle in his Nicomechean Ethics advised us to distinguish our needs from our wants and Plato told us that poverty has nothing to do with how much we possess but with how big are our desires. No blaming finger there. Just a statement of facts. All we need to do to regain a modicum of social sanity in our country is reflect seriously on those two wise statements of two wise Greeks.

Sand2008-10-06 19:03:50
Of course, if one can manage to convince one's self that living in a cardboard box in an alleyway and sending one's kids out to beg for food money like any sensible ancient Greek is a great way to get through life, a good many problems simply disappear.

Emanuel Paparella2008-10-06 21:56:59
Is that what the visiting voices told you about the ancient Greeks lately? Don't believe them. They are ignoremuses.

Sand2008-10-06 22:36:17
C'mon Paparella. Such trite nonsense. Try something new and original like "Sticks and stones will break my bones but ridicule will never harm me!"

Anyway I never ignore Uncle Remuses. Zipadeedoodah!

Emanuel Paparella2008-10-07 00:06:58
Spoken as a condescending insinuating slanderous bully! No surprised there. How about trying something new rather than the tried and trite, such as having a debate with an open mind (perhaps assuming the side of the issue that you disagree with and bash so egregiously...)exhibiting no bias or ax to grind. That would indeed be a new experience for you. Try it sometimes.

Sand2008-10-07 06:07:24
Surprising as it may seem I find verbal explosions of your emotional indignation rather boring since they are mere repetitive insertions of old and outworn material and not pertinent points. Your eternal whining that I am a bully for poking real holes in your unsustainable and silly arguments indicates you have no real answers to my confrontations and must play the persecuted idiot role through your nonsensical outbursts. You really are pitiful.

Emanuel Paparella2008-10-07 07:46:44
Point proven agani, as if we needed further confirmation. Undoubtedly, the strodemt voice of a messenger revealing obsessive strident confrontation, incapable of being irenic and emvisioning both sides of an issue is not that of sweet reason but more often than not that of the intellectual bully and the barbarian of the intellect creating more strife and confusion in an already confused despairing world. Pity, indeed!

Emanuel Paparella2008-10-07 07:49:47
Errata above: again rather than agani, amd strident rather than strodemt.

Sand2008-10-07 08:02:21
Come off it, Mr. P. There is no "both sides" to an idiot advocacy of poverty because you found a couple of stupid Greek opinions. Anything out of ancient Greece, apparently, according to your twisted standards, must be swallowed because it is as sacred as something out of your insane dogmas. Greeks could be jerks just like anybody else. And cut the shit about tossing things into fires. Your fellow Nazi PhDs were as fond of that as you and I never bought it.

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