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Holy Sarah and the debate
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-10-05 09:51:01
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Of course I had to watch the only debate between the two hopeful vice-presidents, Palin and Baden, and as most of the people who did the same the reason for me to do so was the name 'Sarah Palin'. Ok, I have issues with this woman and my biggest issue is the overuse of her gender.

From the very beginning of this campaign and far before, it was clear the question Obama or Hilary the Republican Party made a big fuss about colour or the gender card, actually I’m using McCain’s terminology. I have to admit that it was Obam'sa speech – I think it was the first time I started turning to his favour – that made everything clear, he said this election has nothing to do with colour or gender but with the change! I think this was one of the best political messages I have heard since the early-80s. Anyway, during this time and all the time that followed, McCain, his people and everybody in the Republican Party kept talking about this colour card and suddenly less than a month ago we stopped the colour card and they revealed the Sarah card!

Suddenly everything and everybody turned to Holy Sarah! Holy Sarah, don’t touch her because she’s a woman, don’t touch her because she’s a mother, don’t touch her because she has a pregnant teenager daughter, don’t touch her because she has faith, don’t touch her because her son is going to be a bureaucrat in Iraq with hundreds of bodyguards, don’t touch her because she’s carrying a rifle, don’t touch her because she is drilling Alaska, don’t touch her for this and don’t touch her for that. Well the Republican Party should put her in a glass car like the one the Pope has and take her around the world for everybody to see Holy Sara and the Palinmobile!

Don’t you have the feeling that this Mrs. Palin is using political correctness against us? The idea of political correctness is to protect, protect minorities from prejudice and suddenly the person who has the least tolerance I have ever heard of becomes the centre of political correctness. The woman comfortable in her role as the holy Sarah was ready to wink and smile at her audience! Seriously, the woman was flirting with the camera since that was her best argument at least the one she could understand because the words were well practiced for weeks. Of course the question of what she will do if something happens and she needs to take a really serious decision is …out of question, they haven’t prepared her for that!

Mrs. Palin was standing there playing the role of the ordinary working mother of five, out of the political games, a typical hockey mother! Are we serious now? You mean to tell me that the USA is a country full of hockey mothers of five with income more than a million dollars a year? Are the homeless a myth, communist propaganda? Don’t most of the families have a maximum of two kids because they cannot afford to have another? She was talking about the Americans with income more then 250k a year and I was wondering if the USA is another planet, paradise on earth because I have friends in another USA, not the one where Mrs. Palin lives where they are happy if they make 30k a year in the USA. I know there are people without health insurance, people who try to survive day after day. This Mrs. Palin definitely lives on another planet because in the USA I know 90% of the population has nothing to do with what she was talking about in every single sense.

To be honest I haven’t really understood what the media say, a lot of them are talking about a no-win situation between the two candidates and actually that Mrs. Palin won with her confidence and her hockey mother smile. This hockey mother thing is really bothering me. Perhaps it is just me but I found it a bit discriminating. Please go to Queens and check how many hockey mothers there are, and please don’t stop there, feel free to choose other cities, what about Detroit? In most of the American cities there are kids, thousands of kids that haven’t seen a baseball ball let alone bloody hockey skates. But then again perhaps this has to do with the number of people who actually bother to register to vote. You see a lot of people in USA are sick of politicians who have forgotten them and they have decided to let the country be governed by hockey mothers and oil tycoons!

The worst moment for me in this debate was when Mrs. Palin turned to camera and winked. That moment Mrs. Palin said to everybody, this is not your future, this is not your supreme democratic right we are taking about, this is not the future of your kids, this is a reality show and I am the star and that moment I felt really sorry for the people who are going to vote for her.

Mr. Baden, from his side ,was there following orders and defending Barack Obama’s choices and decisions so …nothing new; Mrs. Palin’s show had left me so numb I didn’t even hear what he was saying after one point. That night and all night I had nightmares with Mrs. Palin carrying a rifle and winking!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-10-05 10:38:56
Actually, to his credit Biden refused to be drawn into the trap of the folksy ways of the hockey mom and struck to the issues explaining, even better than Obama has done so far, the unmitigated disaster that a McCain health plan would be for this country. Be that as it may, the polls clearly indicate that most people were not taken in by winks and folksy ways, and that Biden won the debate hands down. Obama is now ahead in double digits in some states and at least six nationally; several swing battle states, including Florida, are now leaning towards him. What is now predictable is that Ms. Palin, the fellow-maverick and right wing activist with not an idea in her head, will be put in charge of the mudslinging and slandering which is customary in the Republican party as the election date approaches. Remember the swift boats four years ago? They will now side-step the issues on which they cannot win and attack Obama’s character, make him a Muslim in Christian dress, a friend of Bin Laden and all kinds of terrorists. Just watch. The debate points to it. Rather than debate the issues Pelin resorted to ignoring the questions to recite her clichés, and to the adoption of the most reprehensible and desperate strategy of all intellectually destitute people: the argumentum ad hominem where insults parade as reasoned arguments like the naked emperor. We can only hope, that given the deplorable economic conditions of the country, after eight years of a disastrous republican administration, such strategy will not work this time around. It will be an interesting election!

AP2008-10-05 20:23:12
This is for you, Mr.P.: Andy Warhol's self-portrait in drag


enjoy, if you can :)

Thanos2008-10-05 22:04:17
hahaha, i have seen the original something like 10 years ago when they made a special in the Tate! Scary though!

AP2008-10-05 22:34:39
:D Nice that you liked it
I'm not sure about Mr. P., but his aversion to both Warhol and drags makes a good combination :)

Not as scary as Palin, though :D And Warhol was a much more theatrical (in the positive sense) woman :)

AP2008-10-08 02:26:35
Hey people, please join this Facebook group (65,000 individuals have): "Intelligent Women Against Sarah Palin" :D eheh


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