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Keep On Running
by Tony Butcher
2008-10-04 09:28:42
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I finished my first 10km back in February and felt great that I had beaten my target of 60 minutes. It's not the fastest time the world has ever seen, especially as the winner was closer to 30 minutes but it was the furthest I had ever run in one effort. I had a lot of fun and the feeling of self-achievement stayed with me for some time.

justgiving_logo So it was on this crest of a wave that I entered my first half marathon, the Royal Parks Half in Central London. It is now two weeks to the 12th October race day and, with a splattering of training under my belt, I am getting close to running the furthest I have ever run once again. This time the target is 2hr 30mins and it will require a fair effort on my part as the arrival of our first child has interrupted my training somewhat.

It will start and finish in Hyde Park and I am hoping for a dry, cool day to help me and the other 12,500 runners around the 13.1 mile circuit. I am doing this run in aid of a charity - it is for the Bone Cancer Trust. Some of you will know that when I first met Sukina (now my wife) some eight years ago she was later diagnosed with bone cancer in her right knee. After an 18 month chemotherapy plan and extensive knee-replacement surgery she has fought so hard to beat this indiscriminate disease.

We have had the pleasure in recent years of getting married and enjoying the birth of Kai, now 4 months-old, so it is fitting that I pull on my trainers again and put myself through some effort and pain to raise money for the people who helped get my life to this point.

I would welcome any support you can give either through words of encouragement or via my JustGiving page and add a couple of pounds, euros or dollars to the current total. It will make the run so much easier with friends and family helping me on my way. I have already found that two friends from my school days are running too, and if any readers are taking part then good luck. I'll see you at the start and hopefully at the finish.


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Helen Butcher2008-10-04 17:57:04
You both have always had my utmost admiration and love for the unbelievable pain, stress and hardship you went through back then. I know you will find the strength again to finish this run, you will be in my thoughts and of course have my sponsorship. You both suffered in completely different ways but came through it together. I will be forever proud of you and gratful to the medical staff who fought for you. Kai is a little miracle who has brought so much happiness hopefully masking the painful memories of the past.
My love to you all and good luck next Sunday

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