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Kids are dying in Zimbabwe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-10-03 08:15:18
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Waiting for the results of the debate between Palin and Biden and while stock markets all around the world still tremble with a lot of catastropholists describing the last days of capitalism, there is one country that has doomed their financial system and this minute they just …starve, and all that thanks to one man, Robert Mugabe! All this in a country with inflation that has reached over 11m%, who gives a damn about stock markets and economy!

But then again how can you react when you find out that UN has warned that if nothing happens soon half of the Zimbabwean population is in real danger, in a life or death situation. In the mean time I presume the only thing that worries the African caricature dictator Robert Mugabe is how his shares are doing and if his profits are secure.

How many kids die everyday in Zimbabwe and how many more are going to die? I’m afraid neither the UN nor Mugabe or the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai can answer and we often miss the meaning, even one dead kid is a loss, a tragic loss!

For an unexplained reason, over the last decades the UN has shown the unbelievable talent of unfinished jobs and Zimbabwe is one of them, even though this time they can share the embarrassment with the African Union and South Africa; especially South Africa and her failed president Mbeki. Zimbabwe is dying and everybody seems to feel sorry for that bit nobody is ready to really do something including the opposition of the country that fought so hard and for so long. The struggle for power and the long and endless negotiations with the dictator have blinded them. Now they are in the middle of a political fight negotiating like in an oriental bazaar political positions while the people die from lack of food.

I’m sorry for the dramatic style but this is the reality and I know that there are people in Zimbabwe reading Ovi magazine, I know it from blogs and sites and I know that the Ministry of Internal Affairs has honoured us by putting us pretty high in their black list but this is a moment of humanitarian crisis and they must do something otherwise they will get their positions in power in a dead nation! And I’m really sorry to say to say it bit the opposition has her share in this disaster. Not because they don’t agree with Mugabe, there is no reason to do so and they most likely they will not, but because they left the people of Zimbabwe alone in their battle with Mugabe.

Mugabe is guilty all the way, the man should be in a deep and dark cell and never see the sun light again but the African Union and South Africa share responsibility because if he is still there is because of them. They had their chance and they didn’t do anything in the name of democracy if that is possible. Especially South Africa’s responsibility is huge. And last but not least is coming the UN. Saddam was a bad guy but Mugabe is far worst, the big difference is that Zimbabwe doesn’t have oil! Zimbabweans are poor farmers in a beautiful land and that’s it. If they lived in desert with oil all the world would have united to kick out Mugabe, but now they just wash their hands just like another Pilatus and they let South Africa to do something.

The situation in Zimbabwe is beyond the Zimbabwean boarders, far beyond the South African influence and the African continent; the situation in Zimbabwe is an international problem and international responsibility and if the politicians and the statesmen of Zimbabwe cannot do something fast it is the time for the international community to do something, is about time for Ki-Moon to do something and excuse his existence as the United Nation’s General Secretary is the time for the countries to prove that when they said that they care when they were invading Iraq they mean it and is not just business! Kids are dying in Zimbabwe!

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Asa2008-10-03 08:32:05
Can you believe the country is still being touted as a tourist destination: http://www.zimbabwetourism.co.zw/

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