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"Pickiewig" and a "Manic Depressive"
by G. David Schwartz
2008-10-02 08:40:19
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"I Knew A Man Named Pickiewig"
I knew a man named Pickiewig
An excellent dance at the jig
He wore leather shoes 
Which gave him the blues
About which he gave not a fig

* * * * * * *
"There Once Was A  Manic Depressive"

There once was a manic depressive
Whose mood was at first shy but then concessive
He said to his wife
‘I shall end my dull life
But first I’ll begin, hot damn obsessive'

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Sand2008-10-02 20:11:17
A guy who loved stories by Dickens
Used to read them to flocks of his chickens.
They’d peck at his nose
And poop on his clothes,
A habit that certainly sickens.

We all know the dancer Nijinsky
Who danced to the tunes of Stravinsky
He’d leap high in the air
To his partner’s despair
And land with the speed that Finns ski.

Have you heard of that bright southern belle
Who bathed in raspberry gel?
It was sticky and gooey
But entranced a guy, Louie,
Enslaved by her under arm smell.

A young kid who delved into Google
Learned tricks with drumsticks and a bugle
Which made him feel great
But things can frustrate
Like a poorly learned badly played fugue’ll.

A cook with no sense of shame
Sought financial skill through his game.
So he cooked up his books
And got really bad looks
From the tax men who knew who to blame.

A clown with a huge balloon nose
Trained an ape to act in his shows.
But the ape proved too agile
And his nose far too fragile
As the clown cried “Thar she blows.”

Emanuel Paparella2008-10-02 21:48:25
Old men are fond of giving good advice, to console themselves for being no longer in a position to give bad examples. ~François La Rochefoucauld

Sand2008-10-02 21:53:37
I sympathize, Paparella, but it is a tad embarrassing for you to confide your sexual problems to the public.

Emamuel Paparella2008-10-02 22:09:17
"From the tax men who knew who to blame." (Sand)

Is that what the visiting voices told you? Don't believe them. Tell them that it is even more embarassing to reveal one's intellectual impotence in public. For example, the above verse contains poor grammar: the second "who" ought to be "whom".

Sand2008-10-02 22:29:40
In the end, whatever seems strange
If it suits poetic range
It's OK for verse
To appear perverse.
Poetic license permits the exchange.

Paparella believes he is bright.
Since he spends a good deal of his night
In advising on grammar
When even a hammer
Couldn't jar his brain working right.

Sand2008-10-02 22:52:29
Paparella is quick to say
A verse should be this or that way.
But for him to try limericks
Is far beyond his tricks -
His efforts just evoke dismay.

Sand2008-10-02 22:59:16
Incidentally, I am somewhat complemented that, through your Rochefoucald quotation, you clearly indicate I give only good advice and good examples.

Sand2008-10-02 23:07:11
Aah yes. "Complimented". Those two words are somewhat (in my forceful terms) a pain in the ass.

Emanuel Paparella2008-10-03 14:22:08
First the visiting voices advice that the Rochefocauld quote applies to me, now they say that it applies to you. I told you they were not to be trusted.

Sand2008-10-03 15:43:13
You do seem confused, Paparella. First you want to insult me with a line that intimates you have personal sexual problems, and then, when I reinterpret the line which indicates I give good advice and do not give bad examples, you turn back to your outworn idiotic insults again as whatever imagination you might possess is insufficient for the situation. Don't lash out at me for your incapabilities.

Sand2008-10-04 08:54:06
Just because he’s Plato
With a mind like a potato
You pucker up your lips to kiss his ass.
No doubt he was a wise guy
(Or perhaps a French fry)
But much of his chat is passing gas.
I can’t blame that fella
But I can’t stand Paparella
Whose whole preoccupation with the Greeks
That he disinters with vigor
And a total lack of rigor
While his rusty brain crumbles, cracks and squeaks.
The old guys, OK, thought
On how the world was wrought
But their concepts resided on thin air.
Some thought the world was flat
With not much beneath their hat
But we know more in this modern era.
With experiment and reason
We are living in this season
Where our concepts are sensible and clearer.
While Plato with his dialogues
May have had some fun
Time is well past for mental fogs,
We have learned and turned to face the Sun.

Emanuel Paparella2008-10-04 09:43:59
Alas, the wretched “enlightened” rationalist
Is apt to confuse the fire for the sun.
His turning in the dark cave is no solution.
What he needs to do is cut his chains and
Walk boldly outside leaving visiting voices behind.
He stubbornly holds on to his grand delusions of superiority
And declares mad those who come from the outside
To tell him that what he is looking at is not the sun
But a mere fire projecting his own narcissistic shadow.
He has grown to love his own captivity and despair
And has become a man without chest clever by half and
Refusing to acknowledge that Plato’s
myth of the cave is eternally operative.
The Enlightenment has still to enlighten itself.
The shadow knows, but it cannot be heard
Amidst the chatter of the scurrilous voices in the dark cave.

Sand2008-10-04 10:34:43
You can dip horseshit in chocolate and put a maraschino cherry on top but it's still horseshit and the flavor remains the same.

Emanuel Paparella2008-10-04 16:13:59
You can call the fledgling fire the mighty sun, alas, you'll still remain in the dark cave of the poetics of defecation grinding axes and spewing forth obscenities. Pity.

Sand2008-10-04 18:00:43
I can understand you being a bit disgusted with the excrement that fills a good deal of the length of any healthy animal's digestive system since there seems to be a leak of the stuff into your brains, but this ax grinding that preoccupies you continuously is most peculiar. Do you fear I might somehow physically attack you through the internet?

Sand2008-10-04 18:55:16
And since you seem to feel that shit defiles a human do you feel you are performing an unholy act every time you take a crap. And do you say some kind of hail Marys to absolve the guilt?

Emanuel Paparella2008-10-04 21:37:03
I only have one brain. It appears that you have two since you use the plural. Logically, considering your obsession with the operations of the digestive system, one of them must be up your ass, Mr. S.

Sand2008-10-05 00:23:22
A quick glance at a dictionary will instruct you that the plural of brain is in common usage to describe a person's mental power. Unfortunately you already have a PhD so it seems further education is out of reach for you unless there is an advanced course in the use of a dictionary, as any of your students probably could tell you.

Emanuel Paparella2008-10-05 08:08:57
In that case, you certainly have only one brain. As to its exact location we may guess based on your foul output of vituperations, but only you can say for sure, since you are an expert on the poetics of defecation and brains' identifications and localizations, together with other assorted biological animalistic deterministic necessities.

Sand2008-10-05 09:04:57
One of your fundamental problems, Paparella, (and, of course, there are quite a few)is your basic conviction out of the fantasies of religious faith that you are basically divorced from your physical being. This elusive "I" which seems so central to all of us conscious beings is (which you cannot admit or, apparently, conceive of)is a useful little gadget devised by our bodies (of which the nervous system is in integral part) to permit the physical dynamic mass of protein and other components to prosper and reproduce. This includes the basic energy system of the mouth, digestive system and anus. That latter part which is vital to the operation of the system is, it seems, entirely repugnant to you and your fantasy ideology. And,of course, since nature in its purely utilitarian processes, connected the waste disposal system intimately with the reproductive system, associated to you in your mind that both systems are improper in reference by properly civilized people. Shit, piss, cock, cunt, vagina, fart, snot, fuck, etc. are not only vital and necessary to all life and are in constant use or each of us minute by minute as we stay alive, but they are common across the entire spectrum of animal life and that, in particular is more offensive to you than anything else because you cannot accept that, like any other animal, you are born in blood and slime and will revert to the same when you die. Every person who rejects that basic reality is to that extent somewhat psychotic and you can claim that they represent the majority of humans but that does not deny the problem. Your "I" is an evanescent construction that dissolves every night as your body repairs itself for the coming day and is reconstituted every morning in more or less the same shape and when you die it will simply vanish. That's the way it is and you simply cannot swallow that and whatever you might scream in my direction, you and everybody else knows that to be true and you are too scared to accept it.

Sand2008-10-05 09:30:34
I apologize for the several typos in my submission. None of them are critical in presenting the thought and it is morning here and I still am waiting for the calming effects of my first cup of coffee.

Emanuel Paparella2008-10-05 09:30:56
Is that what the voices have been telling you about me and the self in their latest visit? Don't believe them, they are liars and slanderes. Nowhere you will find in my writings what they impute to me. You should start taking their anal rants with a grain of salt. When they visit again ask them what do they know about one of the greatest fallacies of the rationalistic times we live in: reductionism. If they have never even heard of the concept I would be weary of their "politically correct" agenda. They may be barbarians of the intellect out to burn the intellectual legacy of Western Civilization.

Sand2008-10-05 09:49:53
It seems, Paparella, you have a babble button and my comments seek it out unerringly. Your formulaic replies are easily and copiously activated when I push that button.

Emanuel Paparella2008-10-05 14:33:04
It never ceases to amaze me how materialists can make a case of imputing unreal Platonic abstraction divorced from reality to those very people who believe that a God who is a spirit came into time and space, took a material body and lived with us as a man for some thirty years. I suppose when one has an ax to grind, anything can gratuitously be imputed, no matter how unreasonable and illogical.

Sand2008-10-05 17:38:39
Rght on, Mr.P. Your ax.

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