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Who is behind this game? Who is behind this game?
by Abdulhadi Hairan
2008-10-01 09:27:24
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Recently two big incidents happened in Pakistan. A suicide bomber hit Marriot Hotel in Islamabad’s most secure area, killed 53 people, including Czech Republic ambassador Ivo Zdarek, and wounded more than 200, on September 20, 2008.

Just three days later, on September 24, unknown militants kidnapped Afghanistan’s nominated ambassador to Pakistan, Haji Abdul Khaliq Farahi, from Hayat Abad, Peshawar.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for these two acts of terror. An unknown group named ‘Fidayan-e-Islam’ has reportedly claimed responsibility of Marriot Hotel suicide attack but officials in Islamabad are hesitating to confirm the existence of this group.

The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, which jumps to take the responsibility of every terrorist attack, has so far avoided to do so in the case of Marriot Hotel suicide attack.

Abdul Hay Kakar, a BBC Urdu service reporter in Peshawar, recalls some incidents of this claiming responsibility drama by the Taliban militants. He emphasizes that the Taliban have been taking responsibilities of the attacks so irresponsibly that he doubts if the Taliban were really involved in the attacks.

For example, he writes on, when a motorcade of Pakistani Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani was attacked in Islamabad on September 03, 2008, he called a known Taliban leader and asked whether his fighters were involved in the attack. The militant leader, according to Kakar, had no information about the incident. He inquired about the details and in the end said, ‘Ok, write in your report that the Taliban have took the responsibility of the attack and say that it was a reaction to the ongoing operation in Bajaur and Swat.’

Mr Kakar has given some other accounts in which the militants, when asked their comments about the incidents, first don’t have any information but then simply say that they take the responsibility.

It indicates, and many people believe it is true, that the game of terrorism is not in the hands of the Taliban. Of course, they are involved in fighting and terrorist activities, but they are not the controllers. They are just a symbolic force.

Who is really behind this game? Strong evidences needed to prove this and, unfortunately, the force behind the game is so powerful that it never leaves any evidence behind.

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Sand2008-10-02 08:31:35
Perhaps the question should be about what is the point of an act of terrorism that requests no response.

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