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A Chavez labyrinth with a little EU
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-09-30 08:09:37
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So this is it, the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez wants to develop a civilian nuclear power and he asked for Russia’s help, and naturally Russia was more than keen to provide the help. So, the games started again and the Russian bear is ready to show her long claws to the American eagle. In the meantime we in Europe stand in the middle expecting to become the battlefield for one more time and we do nothing having Solana and Barroso balancing between terror and horror!

But first things first; nobody was really surprised with Chavez’s move, the man looks like a relic from the worst, probably the craziest times, of the Cold War with all the things he’s doing lately and Russia is following US latest example, I point at my enemy and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. So with a little help from the Dick Cheney gang, the neo-conservatives and since they could not find an enemy they disinterred the good old and visual enemy, Russia. Russia from her side was looking for a chance to do so; Putin needed another push of national pride to strengthen his emperor status in Russian life and the American neo-conservatives intentionally or not gave it to him unsparingly. Hugo Chavez? Well another pawn in a huge game he can barely touch but voluntarily participates.

What happens next you know it, the usual drill; the US government will complain to the Security Council, something the Russians will veto and then they will discover that Chavez is planning weapons of mass destruction and let the games begin! By the way, isn’t it questionable how often they use this drill? Doesn’t it remind of the boy who cried wolf story? Of course there are a few differences between Venezuela and Iran or North Korea, Venezuela brings Kuban memories and this something all American administrations hate. And don’t forget those strange Russian mega-ships that were around Venezuela a few weeks ago. This must have brought shivers to some.

To make clear something before I continue, I’m against the use of nuclear power for anything anywhere at least and this is a gigantic at least, till they learn to use it with safety and make sure that nothing, absolutely nothing will return and destroy us like they do now with the nuclear waste. So it is Chavez who has it or Obama for me it is the same exactly thing, they are doing a mistake, a lethal mistake that will cost lives.

And now we cleared that lets return to Moscow and the Kremlin. Behind the historic walls obviously a new plan is unveiled and this very minute Putin with his puppet president Madvedev are locked in a room painting a wall map of the world’s countries in red and blue, sharing the world in two just like Stalin did nearly fifty years ago. Any reminder with chess please avoid it, chess demands honour but these two players and this game have anything else than honour. And yes Venezuela falls in their sphere of influence due to the dogma the enemy of my enemy is my friend the same way the Americans thought that Musharraf was an eternal and royal friend or the Arab kings are ruling as example of modern and democratic country.

Is Chavez going to get his nuclear plant? Well this again depends on the game, something I’m afraid Hugo is missing, if it works for the game he will get it if it doesn’t he will be lost in the labyrinth between the Security Council and the vetoes. In the meantime we might see Russian missiles on the ground of Venezuela for defensive reasons and Hugo growing a beard and smoking cigars!

But where Europe is standing? Europe regarding foreign policy and as a united institution the last decade looks like a boat without sails and the skipper definitely drunk. Britain from one side nearly became the missing fifty-first star of the American flag and now tries to distance while keeping the good old policies regarding EU, manufactured and employed by Margaret Thatcher that says that the only reason UK is member of the united Europe is to make sure that they will never be united. France and Germany are lost in their internal problems and the rest try to understand what’s going on with the newly joined from East Europe still wondering why they made that mistake with the acronyms; joining EU they thought it was USA! That’s the reality of the EU in the whole thing remembering that Russia might be seen from the hopeful’s American Vice president Palin’s window in Alaska but in Europe Russia is on our door with long and big borders and vital interests.

So the only thing we can do in Europe is exactly what we did the last few decades, lets wait to see what happens and the meantime pray that somebody will come and help us when the bombs start falling in the meantime actually doing something is out of question after all do you know how long that meeting will take between the twenty-seven leaders with all the secretaries and assistants?

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abc2008-09-30 12:22:53
It's getting cold again. brrrrrrrrrrr

Emanuel Paparella2008-09-30 18:11:29
Time to dust off the Monroe Doctrine and the NATO treaty? But wait a minute, haven't we seen this movie before? It must be a sequel. Trouble is, the sequel is usually something of a farse. Perhaps Nietzsche had it on target with his philosophical theory of the eternal return with no beginning and no end. And if that's so, the conclusion can only be logically one: nihilism!

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