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Jane of Thought: Psycholove
by Jane Eagle
2008-09-29 08:35:31
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Yesterday, on a beautiful and sweet Sunday we celebrated Ask a Stupid Question Day. Stop laughing, I know it’s crazy, it’s actually like celebrating Peeing Day, or buying balloons for the 15 years since Dumb and Dumber got released.

Yet you all know I am silly. So… a silly person wouldn’t miss writing about stupid questions for the world! Take a sip of coke and listen:

From time to time I like to spend some free time checking out my blog-visits. There is a fast-food chain in Greece called Free time, stinky burgers. Anyway many of them come from google searches. Boring, boring, most of them are looking for sex and Chinese girls who want to have sex. One though was particularly interesting, a fabulous exception. A female web surfer who seemed to be in big and sentimental trouble, googled her little problem: “In love with my psychiatrist! “

Alright, sweetheart, I don’t want you to look for solutions to another psychiatrist and finally fall in love with him also –what a vicious circle that would be! Ok, you know what I am kinder than Mother Theresa: I’m gonna light you a path.

It doesn’t seem uncommon for a woman to get sentimentally involved with her shrink. It’s kinda like The Prince of Tides, eeeerrrr although Barbra Streisand is not a guy; hmm she does have a big nose however hahaha (get it? big nose-fallacious symbol, oh what a stupid thing to say). Hear my thought: I consider that each psychological disorder constitutes an exaggeration of a natural operation of the human psychosynthesis. A sense exaggerated that lasts and insists - this is my own definition of the psychological problem.

In order for you to grasp my idea I am going to set an example of perversion, of which the super-light version we have all lived. Bondage!

The weird factor, when a couple consents to this sexual behavior, is not the sadism of the dominator but the masochist feelings of the submitted. Why would someone enjoy pain? Ahmmm, well because she/he’s a freak. Ok besides that hahahahaha: What attracts in the masochism of this kind is the individual’s total inactivity, the 1000% dependence from the powerful dominator that has as a result a sense of safety. Freaky huh? Human nature, my friends, is way more complicated when it gets distorted.

A dash of oregano… oh my god am I that hungry (!) –sorry, I’m back, I’m back: a dash of the bondage philosophy certainly constitutes a part of our little hearts and regulates our interpersonal relations, including the erotic ones, in a large degree. Moreover women get “submitted” more often despite the maternal instincts because of the nature of their social roles and their phenomenal physical weaknesses –somehow the fact that we don’t manage to open a jam jar by ourselves has to be a big deal.

Moving on! The relationship of the patient-gal and the psycho-dude, involves a lot of bondage action. The distant man interviews/examines the poor woman who has to smash each of her walls, speak of her life and soul, her “romantic” experiences and be sincere about all these! This, my dear Ovi readers, is called submission... submission in all its glory. And the masochism? The acceptance of his prescription. The distance that he will always keep (as a doctor). And the way he may break her at any time with one look, a word (as a person) –which hurts a lot because she has already exposed her whole true story with no love or intimacy in the air.

Hmmm, but I promised to help -I am going to propose a solution: Ask him out and find a woman psychiatrist to heal your little psycho-wounds. Cool?

Now… who’s got a whip?

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Asa2008-09-29 08:58:10
BTW December 16 2009 is the 15th anniversary of the release of Dumb & Dumber, so put it into your diary for next year.

Chris2008-09-30 22:49:17
Well said, O Jane of the Eagle Eye. I have a friend whose female psychiatrist fell in love with him. She sent him love letters all over the world. Of course, medical ethics required that they never meet, after their patient/doctor relationship had ended. Through a labrinth of false identities and wishful thinking they had fantasy romances. I met this guy while working as a case manager in Mental Health in Hawaii. What do you tell someone? -- The whip's on me.

Jane E.2008-10-01 00:46:23
Cool!... hahahahaha :p

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