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by Leah Sellers
2008-09-27 08:39:38
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A little of Fannie Mae this - and Freddie Mac that - and the Auto Industries needing an Overhauling and Modernizing at Someone else’s expense here - and the Banking Industries Holdings and Interests here, there and everywhere. And well paid Corporate Lawyers and Lobbyists who constantly reminded Us of the Ingredients We might have forgot. And let’s not forget the CEOs and Folks in Charge of getting America into this Morass of a Mess in the first place. We must give Them their Due - make Them a Part of this Malodorous Stew!

Shake it to the Right! You’re a Republican, Mr. President. Isn’t this Stew what you got on national television and asked all of Us to hurriedly Whip Up, sir? (Although it appears that you would have preferred it to have been authoritatively mandated, precooked and pre-packaged). Have We been Bushwhacked, sir? Have You? You and your family have always come across as just Plain Folk, sir. Are you Plain Folk? Are you helping Us Plain American Folk, sir?

Shake it to the Left! All the while focusing on stirring in just the right amount of Compassionate Governance, but please, while bringing things to a boil, let’s continue reminding everyone that We are a Dynamic, Saucy, Hot and Spicy, Democratic Republic; not an Authoritarian regime!

Shake it Congressmen and Puppeteers (Whoever You May Be)! Shake it to the Fear Monger Boogie with All of Your Might! And what do the American Taxpayers get?!


Get Your Troughs ready! There’s enough to go around for Everybody and their Kin and their Kin’s Kin for Years to come!

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