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by Asa Butcher
2008-09-18 09:41:30
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Officials in an Israeli city have come up with an innovative way of tracking dog owners who allow their pets to foul the streets - DNA analysis.

Sound familiar? I wrote it in a fictional story back in March: Click here.


An elderly widow caught with £1,300 of cocaine in her handbag told police she planned to take the drug to give her “a lift”.

Tut! tut! Kids today... hmmm.


The word "phwoar" - meaning an "expression of enthusiastic or lubricious approval" - has gained official entry to the English language, appearing in the pages of the latest Oxford English Dictionary of Modern Slang.

At least it wasn't spelt "Ff-war!


A woman dialled 999 because a rabbit she bought via a newspaper advert did not have floppy ears, Central Scotland Police have said.

Apparently she was hopping mad…


An extremely rare female frog has been spotted for the first time in 20 years.

A French restaurant is preparing to add it to the menu.


Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb says Finland will probably close some embassies and other representations abroad as a cost-saving measure.

Is there a Finnish embassy in Fiji and is it also under threat?


Finland's Leo-Pekka Tähti won gold on Tuesday in the men's 100-metre wheelchair race at the Beijing Paralympics.

The Beijing Paralympics may lack the exposure of the Olympics, but it is certainoly not less important. Congratulations Leo-Pekka!


An operation began Monday to recover the wreckage of a WWII bomber from a lake at Liperi in North Karelia.

The Finnish Air Force is expected to repair it and have it back in action very soon.


Ovi is preparing to hoist the Jolly Roger up its mast for tomorrow's long-awaited International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

A full compliment of pirate-related material here on Ovi... watch this space!

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