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by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-09-18 09:41:56
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For me, that can feel

Sometimes with my mind’s intensity

I can feel you in a way that

Seems almost physical.

And for you, I can sense

Sometimes you just extent your mind

And feel me in a way that

Seems almost physical.

For the full US Exhibition, click HERE!

For more Exhibitions, click HERE!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-09-18 12:41:52
Fascinating work!

"I think therefore I am"

"I feeel therefore I am"

Are those two statements by two famous philosophers adversarial or complementary? The way one answers that question determines one's conception of modern art.

AP2008-09-18 15:25:12
Fascinating indeed.

AP2008-09-18 21:47:10
Mr. P., I believe these above are all about complementarity.
Not just that, I would say something deeper and also a certain sense of balance with nature.

At least for me, and I feel. If you are or you are not by thinking and/or feeling yourself? The best you can get anyhow is an "I am", not a "we are". And that suggests you're working at a very basic level, Mr. P.

AP2008-09-18 22:50:23
They are not just about the theoretical dichotomies to think/to feel and their respective theoretical answers, but about spiritual and physical completely together and expressed, theory and practice, human being(s) and environment connected through beauty. They're about guts. And aesthetics. :D

AP2008-09-18 22:54:13
Can you grasp the whole, not just the parts?
If you grasp the whole that's about love.

AP2008-09-18 23:03:31
and compassion/sympathy/complicity

AP2008-09-18 23:46:21
and integration

bohdan2008-09-19 04:50:46
A pleasant conversation.

AP2008-09-19 17:33:40
A toast of rum to that...

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