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Breaking News or SAD NEWS? Breaking News or SAD NEWS?
by Abdulhadi Hairan
2008-09-14 08:13:26
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Being a working journalist in the area which is badly affected by both terrorism and the war against terrorism, I have seen that today’s irresponsible media is doing nothing but strengthening terrorists and spreading extremism around the world as I have elaborated in this article.

And the culture of Breaking News, which, in our case, is always red with human blood because in a society where people are uneducated and all healthy activities like sports, music, showbiz, etc. are considered not good, screens of television channels are always red with Breaking News of suicide attacks, explosions, kidnappings and beheadings and fighting.

Reporters are always searching ‘reports’ of this kind or interviewing terrorists and giving them coverage so excessively like they are some kind of high quality saints or scientists.

Instead of condemning the terrorists and their heinous crimes, the reporters exaggerate about their achievements and thus increase a panic of the already terrorized folks. Pakistan’s jingoist Urdu media is undoubtedly very expert in doing this. Urdu newspapers are fond of writing romantic stories about terrorists to show them real heroes and thus attract support and sympathy for them.

They say that media is a strong pillar of society. So an important pillar of society should play a good and responsible role or bad and irresponsible? It is not that I am against the freedom of media. No, I am a staunch supporter of the freedom of media and freedom of expression. But a freedom that destroys the society should not be allowed. And giving coverage to terrorists like they are heroes is like destroying the society and its morals.

The terrorists must be showed in media as murderers of doctors, engineers, teachers, women, innocent people and destroyers of schools, hospitals and dams. And the victims must be given coverage like they are heroes. Thus, media will be acting its responsible role in forming a good society instead of destroying of it.

For this purpose, the first step all media outlets should take is to change the term Breaking News to SAD NEWS where there murder and terrorism is involved. And terrorist acts must be condemned in strong terms in reports and news stories.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-09-14 09:57:48
Every editor of a newspaper, or TV program, or magazine knows that there will invariably be some journalists who inject their subjective biased slanted views into their news-report, who are interested in glamour and getting the scoop rather than getting at the truth. Those people do no honor to their profession and ought to be exposed as the frauds and propagandists that they are; nevertheless even their presence in a media institution does not justify censorship and the abolishment of free speech, for once free speech is abolished, despotism is not far behind. Aquinas said it best: the abuse does not take away the use.

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