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Mugabe's generosity
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-09-13 09:02:54
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The caricature Hitler of Africa, dictator of Zimbabwe and mass murderer Robert Mugabe seems that he has a deal with the opposition and I have the feeling that the other African countries, neighbors and members of the African union will salute it as a new day in democratic Africa! Ladies and gentlemen, leaders of the African countries, if you dare do that you are going to embarrass only yourselves and nobody else, and from just friendly governments you are going to become accomplice to a continuing crime against the people of Zimbabwe and, to a further extent, the people of Africa.

I don’t know what has made the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai sign an agreement with the rapist and murderer Mugabe and I have no idea how the South African President Thabo Mbeki dares to say that this is a fair agreement, but from what has come out at the moment the dictator still has the army and the security forces under his control, chairs all the meetings and I suppose the opposition can make and serve the coffee since tea might be forbidden in Zimbabwe, the English influence!

I don’t blame Mugabe, I was never expecting anything else from him; he has settled there and he can snatch all the money he wants, he can make a whole nation into his personal slaves and he can shut anybody’s mouth with a bullet! On top of that he gets invitations for dinners from Solana or Barroso and he can talk as an equal about the future of the African economy representing a country with …660,000% inflation!  The man has definitely experience of economic issues; Mr. Barroso might get some lessons from him; after all, while in Portugal as Prime Minister, he has shown equal talent in economy!

I suppose now all the restrictions will be lifted and a proud Mugabe will go around giving democracy lessons! Yes that's what he will probably do, and I hope, joined from Mbeki, to go and see Nelson Mandela. I mean Nelson, instead of being a good African leader – according the way Mugabe has shown – he talks about equality and instead of taking revenge after all these years of apartheid he created a republic that forgot and forgave. While he was the most popular person in whole Africa not say to most of the world he didn’t exchange it with transforming the states safe into his personal account and he was so bad to let people even in his own party talk against him! How dare he? I suppose this is not democracy.

I suppose real democracy is we are all equal just some – preferable very few – are more equal than the others now - why does this remind me a lot of Stalin …I don’t know! If you remember Stalin was the leader of the perfect democracy, as well where the workers had the power, there were no poor and rich, everybody was equal and they had one and only mission, to make a great state and in the same time to praise the great brother, father or mother whatever they called him. Mugabe has done some alterations as well to that, Stalin had the decency of making some courts before sending the opposition to Siberia, Mugabe hasn’t got these problems after all Siberia is too far away from Zimbabwe, he kills them!

Mbeki proved to us that we can depend on his democratic sense and instead of telling Mugabe that he has twenty-four hours before the South African army comes for help and arrest him made sure that the red carpet was clean and shining from any trace of blood and just like another Pontius Pilate he washed his hands from the blood and crucified the Zimbabwe people! I hope he is proud of his work.

Oh by the way, Tsvangirai has control over the traffic policemen! That’s to make him feel that he has a hand on the security forces and we all know how dangerous traffic can get in Harare, especially now with all these money have and can spend around. I mean how many people you know in Europe who can go around carrying five and six million dollars in their back pocket spending money? In Zimbabwe they can! I suppose the question what they can buy with five six or ten Zimbabwean dollars is not an issue here but it is unique! The fact is that every single Zimbabwean is a millionaire! So the clever Mugabe what did he does to show his generosity? He gave the responsibility of economy to Tsvangirai! The man can appoint his own minister and can make a program in an effect to make Zimbabwe people billionaires! This is democracy dear African leaders and this is the democracy lesson you give to others.

But saying that last one I have one question, if this is the democracy you understand then are you all like Mugabe? Mbeki, are you South Africa’s Mugabe?

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