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Rohingyas Fleeing to Bangladesh Again
by Rohingya Human Rights
2008-09-12 08:32:12
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The secretary general of the Union of Rohingya Communities in Europe(URCE), Hamdan Mg Kyaw Naing has appealed to the World Bodies to immediately investigate into the new events of the worst human rights violations against the Rohingyas in Arakan state of Burma which has been forcing the Rohingyas to flock again to Bangladesh to seek refuge.

Reports ran by several newspapers of Bangladesh like The Daily Purbokone and The Daily Jugantor on September 03, 2008 say that Rohingyas are fleeing again to neighboring Bangladesh in the wake of serious human rights violations which has been freshly unleashed against the Rohingyas by the Burmese security forces.

The reports accompanied by the photograph of the fleeing Rohingyas say that the Rohingya Muslims are unable to go to Mosque to offer prayer due to the fear of arrest by the border security forces Nasaka.

The Daily Purbokone says in its report that recently one Mvi Mohd Reduan s/o Sayed Amir of village “Reaungchan” of the Maungdaw Township was arrested by the security forces on the charge of possessing a magazine published by a human rights group “Burma Central Netherland(BCN)” which contained reports of human rights violations in Arakan. The security forces took him to the Dekibunia Nasaka Camp and tortured him mercilessly. The Nasaka forces cut his tongue due to his refusal to confess of having link with any insurgent group. Later, he was admitted to the hospital in a serious condition. At the same time, the Nasaka forces tightened patrol all over the area.

The report also says that so far 17 Rohingyas mostly religious leaders were arrested in this connection. The arrestees include Moulana Mohd Shohab s/o Abdul Jalil and Moulana Mohd Nur Hussain s/o Kabir Ahmed of the same village. On 7th August, 2008 Nasaka arrested Naimul Haq s/o Shafi Ullah of the village “Ali Thangyaw”, south Maungdaw, in the mid night without any specific allegation and returned his dead body on the following morning. On 28th July,2008 Nasaka tried to enter the house of Hasanuz Zaman of village “Rangadaung” under Buthidaung Township. But when he shouted fearing of dacoits, villagers rushed to the spot and at once Nasaka fired on them and injured. About 50 people have been sued on the allegation of attacking Nasaka. On 25th, July,2008 Nasak raped two women of vill “Zaditaung” under Buthidaung Township and left them cutting their nipple and the vagina with knife. On the same day Two daughters of Rahmat Ullah of vill “Kendaung” under the Buthidaung Township were taken to near by Mosque by the Nasaka and raped whole night.

A report carried by the Kaladenpress says that on August 26, 2008, the Nasaka forces seized Iftar items worth Kyat 3,500,000 (3.5 million) from Rohingya Muslim villagers while carrying it to the village after buying from Maungdaw Town. The holy month of Ramadan (month of fasting for the Muslims) began on September 2 as the Ramadan moon was sighted in Burma on September 2. Therefore, Muslims across the country prepare Iftar items in the evening to break their fast after sunset. For preparing Iftar people use  green chilli, aubergine, onion,  cucumber, lemon,  puffed rice, local chickpea , sugar,  molasses,  and fruits like dates,  oranges and Semi (vermicelli). On August 26, 2008, a group of villagers from Inn Din Village in Maungdaw Township including mosque committee members went to Maungdaw and bought chickpea, edible oil, onion, sugar, vermicelli, ground nut worth Kyat 3.5 million.  After buying these items, they were returning to their village by car where the goods were seized by the Nasaka commander of Nasaka camp No. 18 of Nasaka area No. 8.

The mosque committee members collected money from the villagers and bought these Iftar items for distribution to the poor villagers and to provide Iftari to the prayers who go to the mosque to break their fast. But the Nasaka commander did not pay any attention to the villagers and seized all the goods.

These fresh events of violence and tortures unleashed against the Rohingya Muslims sent a wave of fear among the Rohingyas all over the border area. And since the beginning of the holy month Ramdhan, the Rohingya Muslims can not dare to go to mosque to offer Tarabi prayer due to the fear of arrest. Most of the people are hiding to evade arrest or harassment. And apprehending the worst situation in the near future, the Rohingyas are gathering at border points due to such intolerable atrocities and trying to intrude into neighboring Bangladesh daily to seek refuge.

It appears that the Burmese military rulers want to launch another drive out operation against the Rohingyas and create another major refugee problem like that of 1991/92 in order to divert the international attention from the political deadlock prevailing in the country and which has further drawn international attention after the failure of the UN Special Envoy Ibrahim Gambari to meet either Daw Aung San Suu Kyi or the military supreme Snr-General Than Shwe during his recent visit and also due to the continuous refusal of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi of the food supplies.

The URCE secretary general appealed to the international community to take urgent actions to stop human rights violations against the Rohingyas and to let a congenial atmosphere prevail in Arakan.


Released By:
Publicity & Information Dept, The Union of Rohingya Communities in Europe (URCE)
Address: Chatinka Guldbergs vei 12B, 2609 Lillehammer, Norway
Phone: +4761253851 , Email: rohingyas.urce@gmail.com, rohingyas.urce@yahoo.com

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ibrahim! Germany2008-10-17 19:53:52
Thank you very much for ur report it is very good u put the news to the website and thank you very much please go ahead.

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