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The world's largest photovoltaic power station [PICS]
by Luis Alves
2008-09-08 08:12:22
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In Amareleja, a Portuguese parish of the municipality of Moura, the rural landscape was modified by hundreds of thin metallic structures anchored on the ground by concrete foundations. These structures support arrays of solar photovoltaic modules, which convert sunlight into electricity. Like big mirrors, these new elements emerge in the middle of some trees and typical houses of Alentejo region.

The new solar photovoltaic power station will have the highest power so far installed in the world with this technology and comprehends more than 250 hectares of land, the vast majority without any agricultural or forestry aptitude. The impressive power plant will generate 90 million KWh a year, equivalent to the consumption of 30, 000 Portuguese homes. It has 2,520 solar trackers, 141 m2 each one, supporting 262,080 photovoltaic modules.

With an area of 108.34 km2 and about 2 700 inhabitants, the little village is famous for its maximum temperature records. The good wine, the good sheep's cheese and the black pork make it good place to to enjoy a good meal. Let’s hope they can successfully implement their local low-carbon economy.

Photos by Luis Alves / www.flickr.com/photos/mokkikunta

This article is the part 4 of the article: “Alentejo: Solar Region”.

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“Moura (Amareleja) Photovoltaic Power Station” - part 2 of the article: “Alentejo: Solar Region”
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Alexandra Pereira2008-09-08 17:44:13
Thank you for your great photos and the information provided :)

Obrigada pelas fotos, estão excelentes :) Ando por Lisboa, agora.

Alexandra Pereira2008-09-08 17:55:13
We can say most parts of Southern Europe and Southern States of the USA have a tremendous solar power potential. And I won't even wonder why companies rarely invest in such centrals in Africa! In fact, they could guarantee the continent's energetic self-sufficiency!

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