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Tears on the Toon
by Clint Wayne
2008-09-06 09:58:57
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With the departure of Kevin Keegan for the third time from my beloved Newcastle United following a shambolic week of events that has left every ‘Toon’ supporter filled with confusion, bewilderment, outrage and finally a flat numbness, new millionaire owner Mike Ashley and his appointed cronies have made my proud club once again the laughing stock of the football world.

Having followed the ‘Toon’ for pretty much forty five years I thought I had suffered enough heartbreak to last a lifetime but with ‘Special K’s’ departure it has taken even my own bewilderment to a depressing new level and with the certainty of more to follow because Michael Owen is now sure to be gone at Christmas.

When Mike Ashley rode into town last summer on his white charger buying out the previously greedy shareholders led by the bumbling Freddie Shepherd everyone on Tyneside were filled with a new sense of anticipation. Ashley promised a new beginning, a period of stability and to get away from the usual merry-go-round of changing managers.

We even all cheered when he sacked the previous regime’s manager Sam Allardyce, and were whooping it up in the streets when he announced the return of the Messiah, Kevin Keegan from the football wilderness. Here was the man who knew the town, knew the club and knew the passion of its supporters. This was the real new beginning that everyone craved. We knew given time and backing Kevin would soon have 'The Entertainers’ back at St. James’s Park.

The Newcastle faithful even accepted the dubious arrival of Dennis Wise and the new recruitment team, especially when then chairman Chris Mort promised that Kevin Keegan would always have the final say on all players. With the closure of the transfer window we now realise that was a complete lie. Players he wanted to keep like the young impressive James Milner have been sold and players bought in like Xisco and Nacho Gonzalez who he didn’t want.

The mass media will fill their headlines for a few days highlighting Keegan’s departure but to us supporters it’s sadly not now about Kevin but the shambles his departure has left behind and how long the Toon’s anger will last

Ashley regularly stands on the terraces amongst the supporters proudly wearing his replica shirt with ‘King Kev’ on the back and recently remarked in an exclusive interview that he bought Newcastle United for a bit of fun in his otherwise dull life.

Well Mr. Ashley, you ain’t gonna stand on the terraces from now on and have a bit of fun cos the ‘Toon’ are after your blood. I would respectfully suggest you get on your scabby ol’ horse and ride back out of town because the only person on planet football that can save your hide is a certain Alan Shearer and that just ain’t gonna to happen.

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Thanos2008-09-06 18:34:14
Even though I watch the ‘toons’ only by …friendly accident I have to admit that the whole drama with Keegan that was unveiled last week was a bit of a surprise to me because everything looked so good in the summer.

However the team I follow the last ….hmmm over forty years had similar problems the last ten years with an owner who thought that he owned the hearts and souls of the club, the fans, the people who are the real soul of the club started a series of moves with best a march in the centre of Athens with more than 40,000 people. As a result the owner had to give up, accept more people in the management and decision making, people who are coming from the fans – some of them apparently have real money – and now we are looking for a new and better tomorrow.

Really sad the whole thing with N.U. and I hope the fans will act because they are the real owners of the team and the only ones who care. And of course since I have become an …friend by a friendly accident I will always watch!!! :)))

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