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For Palin: Hailin' In Palin
by Leah Sellers
2008-09-03 09:01:24
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McCain, the Silver Maverick, has chosen an Iron Maverick to run as his vice-presidential partner in the last, but probably most poignant, leg of his presidential campaign.

An Alaskan governor, an Annie Oakley of the far American Northwest, who has no difficulty in going toe-to-toe (or head-to-head) with the Big Boys - the Corporate Talking Heads of Oil Land or Senators (and their power brokering cronies) who want to push pork barreling, earmarked Bridges to Nowhere (expensive private planes and unnecessary chefs) down the throats of unsuspecting Taxpayers.  She practiced Executive Abstinence.  She just said, "NO!"

Sarah Palin is the wife of a hard-working, handsome man, whose roots are steeped within blue-collar traditions and Union Man values.  She is also the Mother of five children - a Mother who had the strength of character to abide by her Moral Principals and Faith when deciding (with her Family) to give birth to a Down syndrome baby.

Throughout my many years of teaching, I have had the honor and pleasure to occasionally work with Down syndrome children and young adults.  Each one of Them taught every person whose lives they touched about the Gifts of Loving Purely, Freely and Openly, striving to always Help those They Love, Living fully within each moment, Patience and Humility.

Mrs. Palin was a pleasantly Unexpected, Wise and Revealing Choice.  She is the Mirror Reflection of the Character Mr. McCain Sees within himself.  An Independent Maverick, willing to Fight the Good Fight for what She/He deems to be a Good Cause.  She is a Strong Woman. 

A Woman of Determination and Conviction, not afraid to take the Lead - to make the Big Decisions ’For the People, By the People and Of the People,’ for what She has calculated to be the Right Reasons - a Fire-Breathing Iron Maverick for All Seasons.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-09-03 11:44:56
Leah, honorable lady, are we therefore to conclude that if elected, by those out to fight culture wars and cut their nose to spite their face with four more years of Bush policies for our contry, we shall have not one but two "Fire-Breathing Iron Maverick for All Seasons" at the helm of the ship of state? That is indeed a sobering thought which must have both Plato and Machiavelli turning in their grave. For you see, the other side of maverick is unpredictability and decisions made on a whim and on the spur of the moment. Couple that with a short fused temper and what you have is the recepee for an incredible disaster for our country after 4 more years of misguided Bush policies. At least one could count on Bush being predictably and consistently stupid in exectuting most of his political decisions, but with two mavericks at the helm we can count on consistent unpredictability, to wit the way Ms. Palin was chosen. On the other hand McCain has voted with the Bush policies some 90% of the times; perhaps we can be a bit reassured by that kind of consistency, but I would not bet my vote on it.

Leah Sellers2008-09-04 16:22:08
Emamuel, Honorable Sir,
I am an Independent. Always have been. Although, I must confess, due to my being raised to be a singing missionary since childhood, my leanings are more toward the democratic party's policies.
A Democratic Republic is marvellously malluable - flexible in nature. Debating and analyzing differences stimulates its growth and potentialities and challenges the directional Changes it can take when needed - when activiated.
America's 'sleeping Giant' is awakening and filled with a cacophony of Voices. Craative Energies to the Ears and Movements regarding Change. These conversations are making Us Think about where We've been and where we're headed.
I applaud the chracters of Palin and McCain, because I understand and relate to the Language and Energy of Mavericks (Reformers). I disagree with many of thier policies, but who is to say, perhaps through continued discourse that even they can Change their direction regarding some very important and festering issues - ha ! Hope springs eternal !
I can admire Palin and McCains characters while being in disagreement with them.
Life is filled with the unexpected. The Energy of Maverick's - of Reformers is cathartic - is needed to 'shake things up' because of their very propensity toward and willingness to do it for what they consider to be the 'right cause'. Mavericks have the inner strength to Act and the strength to endure the sacrifices which will inevitably be made due to those Actions.
If We're lucky, they'll swing more of those energies toward the needs of plain folks who work hard every day to realize their responsibilities and their dreams.
Mavericks, for the most part, are reachable and teachable because They are creatures of Conscience.

Emanuel Paparella2008-09-04 20:15:25

Points well taken Leah. Perhaps, but judging by the way the facts and the truth was distorted yesterday at the RNC (see above link), and they way the McCain attack dog was for "bridge to nowhere" before she was against it, I am still not waging my vote or my judgment on those two fiery "mavericks" who have consistently voted for the misguided and disastrous policies of the present commander in chief.

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