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The Irish Festival of Oulu
by The Ovi Team
2008-10-02 08:39:59
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The 3rd annual Irish Festival of Oulu, Finland will take place on October 2nd-5th 2008. Organized by The Irish Music Society of Oulu, the festival celebrates the richness of Irish culture including dance, poetry, story telling, an Irish Wolfhounds parade, puppeteering, and plenty of world class traditional Irish music.

Although young, the festival has become the premier Irish festival in Finland, establishing the City as an Irish music centre in Northern Europe and as the most northerly Irish festival in the world. In 2007, 5,000 festival participants locally and from throughout Finland enjoyed an action packed festival that included world class performers Paddy Keenan, Tommy O’ Sullivan, and the band RíRá.

The 2008 festival headliners continue on that goal of establishing a world class Irish Festival with the legendary musician, singer, and songwriter Andy Irvine as the main event. The festival is also proud to welcome the multi-talented band Gráda.

Andy Irvine occupies a unique place in the musical world, plying his trade as archetypal troubadour, with a solo show and travelling lifestyle that reflects his lifelong influence, Woody Guthrie.

Gráda are the hottest Irish band on the circuit today, an electrifying and multi-talented group with a phenomenal show that will leave you asking for more.

The festival weekend also includes: Oulu-based bands Cascade, The Soap Pig, and the Yläsiirtola Ramblers. Renowned international harpist Lily Neill and Galway based band, The Piper Strings both making their first appearances at the festival. Numerous activities are organized for the entire family such as Irish storytelling, puppet shows by Miriam Lambert of the famous Lambert puppeteer family of Ireland and much, much more.

Best regards,

Brent Cassidy
Festival Director

The Irish Festival of Oulu

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