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The Finnish atomic constable!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-09-02 08:55:56
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The International Atomic Energy Agency and her General Director Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei just have some unexpected help and a solution with their investigations in Iran and North Korea, they will call the Finnish police to sort out the problems, research and investigate!!!

I’m sure you think that I’m joking and the first time I read about it on the news I had to check my calendar but it is not the first of April and even if it was it would be very stupid for a joke! But let’s take the story from the beginning. A few weeks ago the Finnish national television channel TV2 presented a documentary research about the new Finnish nuclear plant named Olkiluoto 3. The documentary showed very clearly that despite all that has been said by the government that it is the perfect example of all that can go wrong in economic terms and it demonstrates the problems of construction delays, cost overruns and hidden subsidies. Furthermore, with interviews it showed that safety rules have been bent to save time and money because the cost has gone already sky high.

Something new? No, there is a series of articles from different media all around the world talking about the same thing including Ovi magazine and of course the best resource for all of us has been the research done by Green Peace. So TV2 didn’t do something new, it just proved to be environmentally aware as any media all around the world should be and most of all showed a natural worry for the well-being of the people who live in this country and I would expect nothing less!

Of course, Green Peace's determination on the questions provoked the action of international atomic organizations and institutes that came to Finland to check the plant. We must not forget that Finland is the only country, apart from Iran and North Korea, which have built a nuclear plant in the 21st century and because of all the arguments for the next generation safe and cheap nuclear plants all the nations have a close look at what is going on.

The international organizations didn’t see any safety hazards but this is natural since the whole construction is not at a critical point yet, but the reality of the unbelievable cost has come out with even the French nuclear engineering group Areva, who is responsible for the nuclear reactor, admitting that the cost of the reactor will rise by 50%. The management of the company had to admit that to the Financial Times after announcing the second quarter financial result.

Remember Chernobyl? What happened there? Human error and construction problems! Do the Finns think that they are perfect and human error is out of any thought? Obviously some don’t and it is not only the Finns who don’t think that nobody is perfect but obviously the rest of the world. The atomic organizations checked the construction and they said that in this stage they cannot see any errors. Does that mean that the plan is fine? NO!

There is nothing fine about this plant, a plant that has doubled its cost and kills all the arguments of the Finnish government for cheap energy. Actually it kills any argument internationally for cheap nuclear energy and becomes the worst possible example. I’m not going to mention the other problem with the nuclear waste that Finland like the rest of the world hasn’t sorted out endangering innocent people, but there is nothing good about nuclear use even in its more practical side that most care about.

So what did the Finnish government do? They called in the police to investigate the people who made the documentary research!!! If there is a Nobel Prize for Stupidity they definitely got it for 2008! However, here there is a huge misunderstanding and it shows how stereotypes have entered in this case. Who did the main research and investigation and who reacted strongly to this nuclear plant? Green Peace! And what is Green Peace? A bunch of long-haired hippies!!!

Well I have news for you; Green Peace has some of the brightest scientific minds cooperating with them, and the ones who did this research are the same who scared the French government a few years ago driving them to the most violent and criminal acts. On the other hand, perhaps a Finn constable has more knowledge than them, after all we have heard the expert marketing of the country's education system from the state that means the series of PhD that have gathered together in Green Peace should listen to PC Finn.

The Finnish state has a serious complex, which has unfortunately carried to the people for a long time now; they worry about what people might say. So the state sends the police to scare anybody who will say anything that might embarrass the country rather than taking care of the safety of the people of this country. Fortunately in this case the Finnish state has not only some environmentalists in Finland to deal with but with Green Peace and of course the rest of the world is watching carefully.

By environmentalists of course I’m not including the Finnish Green party that is environmental only in name, the rest sold out for a ministerial seat and all the ideals were flushed out! They actually participate in a government that is ready to start two more nuclear plants; their soul was sold for a meagre thirty silver coins.

As far as Green Peace, I hope they continue their fight because not much help is going to come from any other side and I sincerely hope the people who did the research and documentary for TV2 continue their duty warning people!  Coming to the Finnish police …well they are going to be called …Inspectors Atomic Clouseau!

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Alexandra Pereira2008-09-02 20:56:54
"They called in the police to investigate the people who made the documentary research!!!"
Oh, goodness gracious... that's ridiculous. I don't know if more or less ridiculous than helping to investigate Iran or North Korea, when committing the same mistakes.

"So the state sends the police to scare anybody who will say anything that might embarrass the country"
That, I've noticed...

Finnish government still has to understand that it doesn't have many alternatives - nuclear is no reasonable solution, more and more people become aware and "educated" about that (hopefully also Finns), with many States forbidding nuclear energy or at least stopping its development and investing in alternative energies instead.

Alexandra Pereira2008-09-02 21:06:20
"Remember Chernobyl? What happened there?"
I said it once and I'll repeat it as many times as I have to: when you see hundreds or thousands of Belarus and Ukranian children, who are born nowadays and have done nothing wrong, coming every Summer to the beaches of the Western coast of Europe to get some relief for the thyroid cancers, skin and hair diseases and awful malformations they STILL are born with, you cannot possibly defend nuclear energy! No way.

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