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by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-08-31 08:57:27
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Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, John McCain's surprise vice-presidential pick, is the subject of a legislative probe into claims that she abused her office by trying to get her former brother-in-law fired from his job as an Alaska state trooper.

McCain definitely got what he wanted, a controversial running mate!!!


Palin's press secretary Bill McAlister says that the governor denies that she pressured Monegan, attributing his dismissal to "other issues with the public safety commission as to how he was doing his job."

Nothing to do as to how he was doing …her sister!!!


In a return to the public stage, John Edwards has confirmed plans to talk politics a month after admitting to an extramarital affair. But his wife won't be at his side.

The other side has its scandals share!!!


The UK is facing the worst economic conditions for 60 years and the current crisis will be "more profound and long-lasting" than expected, British finance minister Alistair Darling warned Saturday.

On the other side of the ocean the scandal is that they just realized what’s going on!


Darling said that the economic conditions faced by the UK and the rest of the world "are arguably the worst they've been in 60 years," adding: "I think it's going to be more profound and long-lasting than people thought."

But adding …the rest of the world shares the responsibility with …Mugabe!!!


Mr. Darling's opinions are bound to be controversial because they are far more negative than those stated by Mr. Brown in public. He also admitted that the PM has struggled in some ways.

Well Brown still believes that he can win elections why not that things in economy are better!!!


Italy is to provide billions of dollars to Libya as part of a deal to resolve colonial-era disputes, Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi has announced.

Muammar Gaddafi will make spaghetti Libya’s national food!


For the people of Georgia, any optimism about the future has been suddenly displaced by uncertainty and worries from the past, as its conflict with Russia ends in swift defeat and humiliation.

Let’s see if they manage to avoid the future.


Zimbabwe's government has lifted a ban on aid organizations, whose work was restricted ahead of the controversial presidential run-off in June.

What about lifting …Mugabe and placing him to a nice clean cell?


The lifting of the ban comes as negotiators met in South Africa to try to revive crisis power-sharing talks, which broke up two weeks ago.

Let the people starve, Mugabe is in power!!!


The organizers of a French music concert are threatening legal action after headliner Amy Winehouse pulled out on Friday with just hours to go.

What? What are they going to do? She manages fine doing everything herself!!!


US actor David Duchovny has entered a rehabilitation clinic for sex addiction, his publicist has confirmed.

The seX-files!!!


Michael Jackson, one of pop music's biggest stars, celebrates his 50th birthday this week.

In a kindergarten?


She may be dressed as an angel but Victoria Beckham forgets to clean her ears

She didn’t want to hear what people really think about her and her style!!!


And remember there is only one Ovi, the original the one you read….

The rest is just bullying connected bull-shitters!!!


Ovi magazine definitely …brings people together!!!

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