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Donors Vs. Cancer
by Jack Wellman
2008-08-26 09:24:09
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You might remember the article “There’s Power in the Blood” where I spoke of the personal benefits for donating blood, such as it lowers blood pressure, raises good cholesterol levels (HDL) while lowering the bad (LDL), reduces dangerous platelets or clots, purifies the blood, stimulates the production of red (iron rich) blood cells, lowers the risk for heart attacks, heart disease and strokes. And there are indications that it may reduce the occurrence of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. But this it the best reason I could ever think of for donating life [blood].
It is taking sides in a giant game of dodge ball. I am teaming up with the doctors, the surgeons, the lab workers, and the patient. This team member is the only most often overlooked in the fight against cancer. It is the person who donates blood. Consider taking sides in this contest, which is not a game at all. It is a fight for life, one in which the weakest link in the care system could prove fatal. That of the blood donor. Let’s look at the donor’s blood in relation to the fight against cancer.
~ Cancer is the number one use for platelets
~ Cancer treatments can often lead to the need for blood transfusions
~ Surgery to treat cancer is often a major operation and blood loss may require
   a quick transfusion on short notice
~ Some cancers cause intestinal bleeding, which can lead to anaemia and blood loss
~ People with certain types of cancer might need blood transfusions because of    
   the cancer itself
~ Cancer patients with particular stages of leukaemia may require blood or blood
You can visit the American Cancer Society’s website You can donate internationally too, possibly near your own location or a nearby city from which you presently live. You can actually be part of the fight and even the defeat of cancer for some patient(s). 

Please join me in this fight, and be a hero, where we can all take sides to fight by giving of our sweat, tears and yes, blood. It’s a fight for someone’s life. If not you, them whom?

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Jack2008-08-26 23:49:11
Please allow me to add that a staggering 1 in 5 of these cancer patients are CHILDREN. That hurts!

Worldwide, more cancer patients die from lack of care and donor's blood than the cancer itself.

One can give blood as often as every 56 days. Both the giver and the receiver have positive effects and affects; internally and externally. Look's like a win win to me!

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