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The cleric satellite
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-08-22 08:44:26
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Please don’t tell me that anybody was surprised out there with the news that the dictators of Iran became space clerics nowadays and please don’t expect me to believe that it was a satellite to help them in better communication with Allah because I find that also difficult to believe!

And please don’t tell me that this satellite is pure for peaceful reasons and since we don’t believe that the Iranian clerics found this way to communicate with Allah what remains are military reasons. Actually whoever believes that all the satellites up there - it doesn’t matter how they are called - are not there with a bit of a uniform inside them has illusions, since most satellites are there to eavesdrop, photograph, watch and learn and, yes, they might have the name of a private company but the know-how and technology belongs to the government and be sure it is a well-kept secret.

So the Iranians put up there their small Cyclops’s eye to watch and hear. And they did it with the right patriotic music and prayers live on television to make sure that the entire world knows. The whole world should know that cleric dictatorship of Iran is a superpower and they had prepared this step for a long time. Their space program is in full action for nearly a decade and in February already they had sent a probe to prepare and test the orbit of the satellite. In the background the puppet President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and military officers were cheering just to make sure that we understood that this is a …peaceful communications satellite. By the way, you should see how many similar communications satellites the USA, Russia, China and even India have sent into space with military officers cheering in the background!

For the last few years the Russians helped the Iranian dictators with their space program and actually with the aid of a Russian rocket the Iranians have put another satellite in orbit back in 2005 so for the ones who follow the whole thing the new launch didn’t surprise them at all. And let me see, why did the countries who have the right bombs are the ones who have …communication satellites in orbit? For peaceful purposes I presume naïvely!!!

I think the key sector and mistake here is on the United Nations. Nothing said or ordered from the UN holds any validity. Is it to serve the interests of the big powers or to obey the interests of the big powers often balancing on nowhere with Americans vetoing Russians and Russians vetoing Americans. Just like it happened lately in Georgia. If instead of Georgia we had Serbia and instead of South Ossetia we had Kosovo, Belgrade  would be flat now from the Americans and the whole world would be ready to start international courts against the Serbians, but when Georgia does exactly the same in South Ossetia it is …different! It is strange to think that the American president and the United Nations goes to sleep expecting Nicolas Sarkozy to do their job.

So when decisions are motivated and manipulated from the geopolitical interests of the big powers then Iran is doing well to ignore them and play the game with new rules. After all what will happen? The Security Council will decide to put more sanctions? So what? Why stop the uranium enrichment? Look at this part of the story, in the beginning there was no nuclear at all, then it turned to no nuclear plant at all and now we are at the no enrichment part. In the meantime the cleric dictators launch their satellite and the rest of us wait to see what their next step is to enforce their enlighten faith in the area.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-08-22 16:07:15
It seems to me that we ought to be a bit careful in equating “enlightened faith” with the number of satellites we have in space and the nuclear bombs we have in our arsenals; for then it would be the equivalent of throwing stones to passerbyes from a glass building. The Moslem clerics would rightly point out that “you Christians and the Jews have been pushing your “enlightened faith” with great enthusiasm, look at how many satellites and nuclear weapons they have; it is time that we start pushing our brand of “enlightenment.” Why not simply say that Machiavellian real politik and ideological fanaticism have nothing to do with “enlightenment” of any kind?

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