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Mugabe must go
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-08-21 09:40:42
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The regional summit of the South African leaders for Zimbabwe ended and nobody was able to reach any kind of agreement between the two sides leaving the future of Zimbabwe looking darker than ever. Actually was anybody there who believed that any solution could be presented to Robert Mugabe?

For as long as this Hitler caricature is out of his cell and considers himself leader of Zimbabwe, no solution will come. The problem is not only him but his followers as well, this gang of rapists and murderers who help him to survive, this gang of monsters that drink the blood of the country like vampires for decades. Mugabe had the time to establish his regime and create his own Gestapo and SS; different names probably, different uniforms, but the same dark murderous soulless monsters.

Robert Mugabe has to go but with him Zimbabwe has to be cleansed from all the trash that is piling up in the barracks, in the ministries and in the public offices; you see, all these snakes prefer funding from the people’s money than spending even an hour in an honest day's work. These snakes must go without the feeling of revenge but with the sense of justice, the cells are there, waiting; after all, they built them!

On his exit from the summit the real winner of the presidential elections in Zimbabwe, Mr. Tsvangirai, was asked if there was any kind of deal and he answered, “No, not at all”. Not at all, not at all a deal with Mugabe, what deal can you have with this monster rather than a quick transport to his prison cell and what deal can you expect from him? All the civilized police all around the world have one dogma, no deals with terrorists, what's the difference with Mugabe? Instead of sending planes to New York, he is killing his own compatriots daily? Other than terrorism, he is also guilty of treason, but Mugabe’s crimes are even worse than treason to Zimbabwe, it is treason to humanity!

Mr. Tsvangirai said that the most sensitive issue is Mugabe sharing power. Asking the murderer to share power with the victim, well that sounds like twisted dark humour! Mr. Tsvangirai is lucky to be alive, he is lucky to walk not to mention how lucky he is to be in Johannesburg and talk with Mugabe. When Mr. Tsvangirai mentioned that there were compromises Mugabe could do the first thing that came to my mind but he did all the compromises he could …you are still alive, Mr. Tsvangirai!!!

According to Mr. Tsvangirai, the main issues to sharing power are: the balance of power between Mugabe and him. Mugabe’s answer is most likely, "I have the power, and you are alive. Be thankful for that!" The creation of a coalition cabinet where I’m sure Mugabe has a plan; he has all the ministries and Mr. Tsvangirai can have the ‘gardens and graveyards’ ministry for himself!!!

Control of Zimbabwe’s security forces!!! Right, like Adolf Hitler sharing control of the SS with …Winston Churchill!!! And last, amnesty over post-election violence, I suppose Mr. Tsvangirai is the one who speaks in this issue. Raped, hit and …thankful!!! That's the meaning of the last issue!

Is Mbeki serious? Has he got any idea what he’s doing? How is it possible for him to put those four issues on the table and keep a serious face? Please, isn’t anybody out there to wake him up? Is this the way Nelson Mandela liberated South Africa? Has he forgotten so quickly?

The only thing you can add is that thankfully some leaders still have some dignity and saved Africa, like Botswana’s president who boycotted the summit and the Zambian president who publicly criticized the whole circus including Mbeki. He actually said, “No doubt left a serious blot on the culture of democracy in our sub region.” Even worse, Mugabe is feeding all the stereotypes and prejudice about Africa being himself a racist and prejudice monster.

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