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How Bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-08-05 09:05:58
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Police arrested woman because of a stolen …purse

stolen_purse_400A Berea woman who left her wallet in a purse she allegedly tried to steal was arrested; police say Kimberly Jo Kirby, 44, stole a purse and hid other merchandise inside it Thursday evening while she was in the JC Penney in Richmond Mall. When a store employee confronted Kirby outside the store, she dropped the purse and tried to punch the employee with keys in her fist, police say. She then sped away in a vehicle. The employee discovered that Kirby left her wallet, which included her identification, inside the purse, and turned over the items to police.

Kirby later contacted JC Penney to see whether her wallet had been found. She then went to the Richmond Police Department to retrieve it after an employee told her it was turned over to them, police said. Kirby was arrested and charged with second degree robbery and third degree possession of a controlled substance for Xanax and Ambien pills found on her at the time of the arrest. Kirby is lodged in the Madison County jail on a $10,000 cash bond.

Obviously not much future for her career, she was lacking …brains!


Radio station's heroin

oneils_showOn June 4, morning-show personality Captain Scotty went to the notorious Main and Hastings corner in the Downtown Eastside dressed as a beaver, carrying a sign advertising his desire to buy some heroin. Within minutes, a deal had been completed - broadcast live on-air during The Jeff O'Neil Show. Among those listening were two Vancouver police officers out on patrol. They headed to the scene and confiscated the substance, but did not make any arrests.

"They found him, intervened and took a small amount of heroin from him. He was very co-operative. He was handcuffed and ... using departmental discretion, after some discussion with him, he was released at the scene," said Vancouver Police Department spokesperson Jana McGuiness. "It was very dangerous for him to do that, but also he was potentially making light of a tragic situation. ... It's important that people know it's not a joke. From our perspective, it was a silly prank that could have had some serious ramifications."

Who’s now the dumbass, the radioman or the policemen?


Man’s gay …cat!

gay_cat_400José Maria Correi a 53-year old Brazilian national has been found guilty of attempted murder after shooting a neighbor he thought was …another neighbor whom Correi claims sodomized his cat, thus turning it gay.

Correi asked neighbor Anabela Silva Cruz to help catch the animal which had escaped on to an adjacent piece of land. A second neighbor, homosexual José Pedro Macedo, who was at his window, saw they were having trouble in their attempts and offered his help too. As he tried to join in the mission, José Correia yelled insults at his neighbor concerning his sexual orientation.

After catching his pet, José Correia went to his neighbor’s house with a 6.35 caliber Browning pistol. Anabela Cruz remained on the property’s patio and was injured when the Browning was fired. Courts proved that it was a case of mistaken identity, that José Correia believed it was his other neighbor on the patio, and was convinced José Pedro “was a homosexual and that there had been contact of a sexual nature between the neighbor and his cat.”

There is no comment here, just … smile!!!

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