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Javier Velasco - Digital Artist
by Javier Velasco
2008-08-01 09:04:10
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I have always been attracted to digital art, using the computer as a tool to express it. I use images and themes relating to the world of mass communication applied to the visual arts in my work. I have been greatly influenced by a culture of technology, capitalism, fashion and mass consumption. This is the reason why I feel so connected to the pop art period of the 1960s, even though I try to escape any particular label, exploring every style and different ways of working, which allows me to let my imagination run free.

You can see my artwork (high res):

For the full Javier Velasco - Digital Artist Exhibition, click HERE!

For more Exhibitions, click HERE!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-08-01 09:54:31
Impressive work. Indeed Walter Benjamin had it on target: technological reproduction makes the cult value of art recede in favor of its exhibition value.

Simon2008-08-01 12:37:33
Wow! Thanks for sharing.

SD2008-08-01 22:57:40

xD2008-08-02 00:28:00
Not really cool, fails to wow or impress. I agree less with the comments than with the artistic expression exhibited. Good might not be a known quantity, yet artistry is nowhere to be found.

AP2008-08-04 01:57:26
gracias por tus trabajos javier, me gusta mucho la arte digital encuanto expression. que sigas con muchos sucessos.

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