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Flying to a New World
by Frances Zheng
2008-07-29 08:47:01
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As you can see, this is a picture of two pigeons enjoying the warm sunshine on a lazy summer afternoon. That's what I thought too when I took this photo, but after a few seconds, I realized I was wrong...

Being a curious person, I stepped gently towards them as common sense told me they would fly away once people get close enough. However, they stared at me cautiously; their red-colored eyes never left me as I was approaching them. I saw their big pupils sending me a message of fear. "Why don't you fly away?!" I asked silently.

Suddenly, one of them stood up, rearing up its tail as to shoot himself into the sky at any second. I was not surprised if he did. Interesting enough, he did not go anywhere, but started to walk around the other pigeon who still sat there, in a perfect circle, like guarding for the royal family. I kept moving towards them...

Now the other one stood up...for a second, and fell down onto her stomach. What a scene! Her right foot was totally wrecked, and blood was dripping from the right wing tip. I can tell it's been awhile since it was already dark red where she sat. Her pupil shrank quickly and then went back big as earlier.

"Oouch!" I can't hold it any more. I don't know whether they understood my word or could read my facial expressions, the "guard" looked at me as if saying, "Please stay away from us. She will be alright as long as I am here" while walking towards me, as if he was ready for a life battle.

"I just want to help!" I told him, and noticed the injured one seemed very weak at the moment. The "warrior" kept marching...

"OK, stubborn head, I'll go find someone who can help you...immediately! Don't go away!!" I ran to an office and explained the situation. Those people didn't want to help as pigeons in their eyes are pests. One of them finally agreed to have a look with me after 15 minutes arguing. "Thank goodness, she will be saved!" I felt relieved a lot.

"It's right in front of us! Err, they should be...here?!" I can't find them any more, instead, a gray feather left lying on the red grass. I felt like crying my heart out, "Where did you two go?!!"

The person who came to help commented coolly, "It must have died, and the other flew away." "But where is her body if she were dead??" My eyes were moist; I believe he won't leave her behind at all because I have seen their eyes!

Somehow I "knew" he took her away to a much better place, where everyone helps and everyday is a joy...

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Emanuel Paparella2008-07-29 12:52:08
Indeed, Fukuyama does not have it on target: it is not the end of history that should be lamented in the rationalistic dehumanized world we live in but the end of utopia.

Frances2008-07-30 21:05:55
But what do we live for then?

Sand2008-07-31 07:23:10
Since utopia never has been realized it is difficult to conceive how it ended.

Sand2008-07-31 08:08:45
Here again we confront the term "human" (in the form of "dehumanized") to characterize certain very common human behaviors as not being human. It obviously is laced with rather strong prejudices as to what a human being may do and should not do but precisely how a human being magically becomes not a human being is, to say the least, rather poorly defined and most certainly not acceptable to a good number of humans.

stranger2010-12-27 18:50:49
Mr. Sand,

Yes, the "inhuman" is within the human, but by what necessity?

Man's inhumanity presupposes the fullness of his humanity, which is what we strive for when rejecting certain ways as blatantly barbaric and even as patently "inhuman."

Man can turn against his natural perfection. Misanthropy attests to this possibility.

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