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Obama: Dream Weaver/Catcher/ Dream Maker?
by Leah Sellers
2008-08-11 09:49:53
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Mr. Obama. The American Dream Weaver. The Global Societies Dream Weaver. Dreams worthy of Weaving. Calling Forth a Reverential Remembrance of Our American and Global Past and Present, and the Transmutational Energies needed for a Hopeful and Innovative Future. A Thriving, Transformational Tapestry worthy of Creation and Fruition. Pluck one lustrous Strand and the Tapestry Vibrates, Resonates with a multitude of ancient Multicultural Histories and Societies.

Each Swaying to Its Own Rhythms, Its Own Rich Melodies, Artistries, and Inventions. We can Envision them, Hear them, Smell them, Taste them, Feel them, deep within Ourselves, because they are the Vibratory Ancestral Roots of Ourselves. Dream Weaving for receptive Dream Catchers. We understand the Dream Weaver’s Language, and long for what We Hear, what We Envision, because, Each of Us, in Our Own ways, are simultaneously All Dream Weavers and All Dream Catchers.

We are All within the Primordial utterances of the Universal Language. We are the "Stuff that Dreams are Made of". That is why when we Intuitively or Reasonably know that we are disconnected from Meaningful parts of Ourselves and the World around Us We become hungry for the Language - Our Dream Language. Because Dream Weavers/ Dream Catchers become Dream Makers. The Dreams We Make Become Our Reality.

Mr. Obama, the Dream Weaver. Strengthened energetically by the fact that his patriarch was an educated African born black man, and his matriarch was an educated American white woman. From birth, Mr. Obama has been forced to deal with Racism, and the uncomfortable stirrings that aroused from without and within, in one form or another, throughout his lifetime. His Father returned to Africa. He chose to live a continent away from his son and his son’s mother.

Another uncomfortable stirring Mr. Obama was left to struggle with in Life. It appears he chose to battle with Life’s Injustices through Ethics, High Ideals and Law. Good qualities to have in a national leader encountering an increasingly active and demanding global society. His Heart and Mind will bear Allegiance to America, but remain fairly Open and Tolerant to the Other. Can We count on You to be a Thoughtful Man, a Philosophical Man, Mr. Obama? Not a Man prone to Sound Bytes? To pretty Photo Ops?

Mr. Obama, the Dream Weaver, was raised knowing two religious traditions. Christian and Muslim. Actually, knowing the traditions of Many. Another strength. He calls himself a Christian, but is Tolerant toward the beliefs of Others. Tolerance was One of Christ’s Greatest lessons. Christ was Inclusive. "Do unto Others as You would have Them do unto You." One of His Greatest Lesson’s was that We Love One Another.

Many refer to You as the Messiah, Mr. Obama. Tongue-in-cheek, acidic, satire sliding down the back of their cynical throats. Are You the Chosen One? Not in the Biblical sense Mr. Obama. But perhaps in the Energetic sense of a Man Whose Time Has Come. Perhaps.

In fact, if Christ were alive Today, one might wonder, given the climate of modern American politics, if Christ would have been labelled (since humans are uncomfortable with ’unlabeled’ things) a ‘Leftist Liberal’ or a ’Radical Social-ist’ or heaven forbid a ’Commun-ist’ or ‘anti-Capital-ist’ for His Vision of, His Dream Weaving/Catching, Dream Making Ideals, and Unselfishly Healing Activities, Motivated and Directed Wholly and Purely Toward, a more Compassionate, a more Enlightened, Transformative and Transfigurative World and Cosmic Tapestry (String-Thread Theory?)?

However, when visiting Germany, Your first visit, Mr. Obama, despite the ’campaigning’ counsel of Others, should have been the hospital at Ramstein AFB. Christ (as a learned and trained scholar, as a Dream Weaver/Catcher and Dream Maker) would have wisely known that you do not have to be a commander-in-chief in order to pay homage to, and visit young men and women who have placed themselves in harms way for the sake of American’s at home, and Iraqi‘s who have invited us to help them survive symbiotic chaos. I do not think that Christ would have cared what the press or His political enemies had to say or negatively express about His visit to the injured soldiers at the hospital.

He would have entered their sick rooms with Uplifting Gifts of the Spirit and Words of Good Cheer. He would have done whatever was within His power to further their Healing processes. Christ would have considered Their Needs above All Others; because in the context of ’all things considered’ Their Needs are the most important. We are Measured by what we do for (by how we treat) the ’Least’. Christ comparisons aside, Messiah references no longer ‘Chosen’. That’s true Leadership. Leadership by Example. Leadership by Dream Making, not merely Dream Weaving/Catching as You so impressively accomplished and reminded Us All of outside Brandenburg Gate in Germany.

I like you, Mr. Obama. I want to be able to have Faith in You, Sir. I say these things because I need to make sure that the president I cast my vote for is a Dream Weaver of Substance and not Illusory Vapors. A Leader who understands the True Deep Meanings, Purposes and Responsibilities of the Universal Language of a Dream Weaver/Catcher; of a Dream Maker. Can You Accomplish that, Sir? Can You Become that, Sir? Can You Be that, Sir? Is that Who You Are?

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Emanuel Paparella2008-08-11 15:20:19
I may be wrong here and if I am I stand to be corrected, but I have a hunch that this piece is redolent of the latest machinations of the Republican propaganda machine. One can see it in quite a few of their current ads. The strategy seems to be this: trivialize the message by attacking and slanderously caricaturize the messenger. There is one in this forum who is a master at it. In the first place, declare Obama an empty suit, a vacuous celebrity who may be ready to be president of the United States of Europe but not really ready for the United States of America, as Karl Rowe unabasehdly declared just yesterday on Meet the Nation. Secondly, and this is the most clever by half and pernicious of the attacks, tag him with a delusional messianic mission, as some kind of savior and saint (whose fulfillment he is sure to fail) thus raising the spectrum of theocracy in America violating the established principle of separation of Church and State. Thus, so the devious argument goes, what one is left with is the “sane” McKaine who will continue the “sane” policies of the last eight years of the Bush administration and keep the country safe, if in shamble in every way imaginable. Am I wrong? I hope I am but that’s what I see in this back-handed compliment of Barack Obama.

Sand2008-08-11 15:33:24
What is this "too clever by half" I keep seeing? Half of what?

The odd assumption that since McCaine (McKaine?) is an obvious disaster Obama must be the savior of the nation does not impress me as being particularly obvious.

Emanuel Paparella2008-08-11 17:01:49
This statement was found at the beginning of the year in the editorial pages of the left of center British Guardian:

“The United States of Abu Ghraib, of Iraq, of hubris, simply wouldn’t have a black first family. It would not have a man whose name is Barack Hussein Obama as its president,” said Jonathan Freedland. “So if that were to happen, the cognitive dissonance there would force people to reassess their ideas about America.”

Indeed, it seems that the reassesment is going on only eight months later. However, remembering what went on eight years ago with Kerry, I remain weary of the good intentioned but misguided support the Europeans are lending to Obama. The Republicans are already busy trying to turn it against him and hoping that it works as it did eight years ago. Time will tell.

Leah2008-08-11 17:27:17
Hello Gentlemen,
I am glad to see you two exchanging thoughts with one another again with gloves removed - ha ! Both of you are wonderful to listen to !
However, I truly am an Idealist. But I do not see Obama as a Messiah - a Chosen One. However, I am hoping that he is a Man for This Time and a Man Who Will Evoke much needed Change. It is difficult to do that. He will have many powerful elements against him. My Intuition tells me that he is up to the task, but still has much to learn. HOwever, he enjoys the process of learning. His energies are both very static and dynamic, that is why he is often misunderstood regarding flip-flopping. As he processes new information, he is willing to open up to new strategies. He's very philosophical in his thinking. I like that about him. He thinks globally. I I question some of the
people around him, but you can say that about every group situation (sigh). Anyway, my questions, thoughts and intentions are pure, gentlemen. I have always been teased for seeing the world through rose-colored glasses and rainbow hues. I am well aware of the Beast within person, place and thing. It's just that I always Choose to see what's Best first. I think it's what always made me a good teacher. I was always good at finding the Gemstone within every single one of my students, no matter how far down I had mine to find it.
I honor McCain as a man, but I prefer Obama's policies and mindset for our nation and world.

Sand2008-08-11 18:16:07
I cannot accept that McCain is in any way different from the Republican Party in general which deserves no respect for the way it not only permitted but acclaimed the policies of the administration in vandalizing whatever values the USA idealized whether they were actual or merely hypocritically endorsed. Obama, on the other hand, has not performed in a way to encourage my support either but he is certainly not as poisonous as Bush. As an active member of CORE in the 60's and a demonstrator for civil rights with my fellow American citizens who were black I never considered race as a deciding factor in my endorsing a leader and I do not do so today. Being black is no more either positive or negative a quality in a person than being white or any other skin color. Integrity and belief in intelligence and skill in using that intelligence for the benefit of all citizens outweighs all other qualities and so far I have yet to see any candidate exhibit what I feel is necessary. We live in highly dangerous times and wishfully assuming an unqualified individual has attained the necessary qualities when this has not been exhibited is a very dangerous situation.

Emanuel Paparella2008-08-11 19:47:26
I am glad I was wrong about your take on Obama Ms. Sellers and I apologize for my skepticism about your article which indeed was merely questioning and wondering and not impugning Barrack's ideals. In the cynical times in which we live that distinction is not always easy to make. I agree with you, what Barrack has as a politician is a very rare quality nowadays: the ability to transcend politics and see the greater picture. That's a philosophical-humanistic talent best exemplified by a Marcus Aurelius and perhaps never really repeated in our leaders.

Sand2008-08-11 20:26:45
Before adoring Obama with shining eyes, take a look at his voting record at http://obama.senate.gov/votes/
and decide if he's the man to slay the dragon.

Jack2008-08-12 02:49:39
I agree that if Jesus were running for political office he would be slurred and portrayed as weak, not meek (not the same thing at all). Certainly a leftist or independent free radical that has no politcial experience.

The days are long gone when one man can make a major difference since the bureacracy is some combersome....Mr. Fonda's classic movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" could never happen in the present system. Excellent points in your article.

I agree with Sand that we should be least of all concerned with a person's outward appearance and more concerned about their inward convictions (i.e. like Sand mentioned, voting records). Democracy begs for a voter who votes for objective reasons rather than subjective ones.

Jack2008-08-12 02:53:22
I think that a lack of experience in Washington politics should not be considered a strength but a weakness. Parts of the problem are often not parts of the solution. See what experience has gotten us!? It would be better to have someone who is not used to the "good ole boy" system of Washington polictics than to continue the status quo of one under the table beats two in the bush.

Sand2008-08-14 18:41:52
For those of you who are interested in a radically different viewpoint as to how Obama may influence the rising tension involving the USA, Russia and Georgia and what it signifies for world power and world peace see http://www.counterpunch.org/whitney08142008.html

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