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What does Morgan Tsvangirai expect?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-07-26 07:56:33
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It doesn’t matter how much I try, it doesn’t matter how many times I saw it, the picture of Morgan Tsvangirai shaking hands with Zimbabwe’s caricature dictator Robert Mugabe has something grotesque, something sick about it and I have the feeling that Mr. Tsvangirai is either a very brave man or a man with an agenda. And I’m sorry to say but this agenda is still a mystery for me.

A few months ago I wrote an article emphasizing that what we often forget regarding the political situation in Zimbabwe is that today’s opposition and its leaders are mainly former allies or employees of Robert Mugabe, actually some of them have held ministerial positions, including one of the Minister of Information! The ones who opposed the dictator from the very beginning of his insane race are either abroad or six-feet under if they are lucky, the living ones are guests of Mugabe’s hospitality and it is far from being a pleasurable one!

Most of them knew the man well before, some of them even helped him to become what he is today. Some of them gave him alibi for his crimes during the '80s and '90s and Mugabe didn’t show his real face the last few years, he has shown his intentions and his aims long time now, when he started his crusade against the white farmers long ago and the way he shared after the farms only to his own people or better to his own family and in extent to his pockets with a little help from the local and the South African bankers!

Morgan Tsvangirai knew Mugabe, he knew him from the times of Matabeleland massacre, he was a leading member of Mugabe’s party, leading the unions that time and despite all the later criticism and declarations of ignorance he was there. Tsvangirai was the strong Union Leader at that time and a loyal supporter of Mugabe in the beginning. Of course since then things have changed; the former loyal supporter has become the main political enemy, a supporter of human rights and defender of the poor Zimbabweans but when I see him shaking hands with Mugabe I still feel shivers down my spine! I can understand the need for talks, unfortunately things in Zimbabwe have gone so bad that the other solution is a civil war and that’s something we all want to avoid, even the thought of it since with all these overwhelming feelings might turn the bloodiest war Africa ever seen.

Morgan Tsvangirai is the only solution at the moment but is the one-eyed among the blind, after all the African Union and especially South Africa’s government led by president Mbeki has totally disappointed Zimbabweans. The only support democratic Zimbabwe could find in Africa vanished in one night when Mbeki called Zimbabwe’s opposition leaders for talks with the criminal dictator. When he put the criminal and the victim, the rapist and the raped in the same room to talk as equals. Zimbabweans with the time might learn to forgive this betrayal, personally I hope history will never do and all these supposedly democratic leaders will find their punishment from their own people. How can you trust for democratic leader somebody who supported Mugabe? By not helping Zimbabwe people to meet their freedom these people supported the dictator and excused all his actions including murders, tortures, rapes and all short of crimes against humanity.

Morgan Tsvangirai is talking with Mugabe and what that makes of Mugabe? Does it make him a democratic leader? The man doesn’t accept what the republic has decide, doesn’t accept what even under threats and pressure the people of Zimbabwe voted and talks will make him democratic? Will Morgan Tsvangirai will be satisfied if Mugabe makes him a minister or a prime minister but without control? A puppet official? What are they hoping with those talks while there is only one solution for Zimbabwe, Mugabe in prison awaiting for a court for crimes against humanity, there is no other solution! Is the aim of these talks to give Mugabe an alibi for more crimes or make him innocent for genocide? And all that while Zimbabwe had to cut new notes, 2bn notes since the official inflation is far over 2,200,000%! What does Morgan Tsvangirai expect and what is his agenda when he shakes hands with Africa’s worst caricature dictator?

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Emanuel Paparella2008-07-26 10:24:06
Perhaps a better question may be “what do the former colonizers expect from African leaders? And do they have a right to expect ethical behavior before remembering and acknowledging their own former behavior vis a vis Africa?” I am afraid that until that question is frankly asked and answered Africa will remain an enigma and a puzzle to Western Man while the Africans will continue to suspect cultural imperialism following colonization on the part of Western Man.

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