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Sarah Pow
by Sarah Pow
2008-07-24 08:40:12
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Sarah Pow makes her Ovi magazine debut with this exhibition.

For the full Sarah Pow Exhibition, click HERE!

For more Exhibitions, click HERE!

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Sand2008-07-24 08:48:30
Impressive use of form, color, capture of personality.

Simon2008-07-24 11:49:52
Those are some great drawings, esp. the one of Amy Winehouse.

Emanuel Paparella2008-07-24 12:55:22
The Impressionists had it on target: in painting it's all about color and light and significant forms and it is all light-hearted. Delightful work!

Alexandra2008-07-24 13:47:11
I like the pop star portraits, specially the one of Amy Whinehouse.

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