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An Afghan's Message to "president" Obama An Afghan's Message to "president" Obama
by Abdulhadi Hairan
2008-07-18 09:53:54
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An Afghan's Message to “President” Obama


I don't know about the election process in America nor have any clue about the policies that you will make for the whole world. I just know that you are the next President of the United States of America and I hope this comes true.

I hope so because all the atrocities in the past years have not devastated my hope in future and I still live for the day when I will see my country and my people in complete peace and love.

I don't know how this will happen as I did not know how all the mayhem happened in the form of the Communists, the Jihadis and the terrorists. I only know that all these cults were a creation of the World Powers who have their own interests.

I don't oppose your interests. You are a World Power and you have interests around the whole world. I just appeal for peace in my country where my nation could live in love with each other.

We have a rich culture of this peace and love which is now destroyed by the cults I have mentioned above. I hope you can do something to restore this culture and dignity if you have any belief in humanity.

I will pray for your more success.

A 66 year old Afghan

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Emanuel Paparella2008-07-18 12:48:31
Mr. Hairan,I am afraid that peace will never blossom in the world as long as we believe that it is ok for world powers to act unilaterally and make policies for the whole world to further their own interests. The audacity of hope of a Barak Obama lies precisely in the fact that he opposes that anacronistic view and seems to understand that peace if it is to have a chance lies in international cooperation aiming at the common good of the whole global village in which we live, not in the mere selfish unilateral interests of the great powers. We have seen that before; it was called imperialism and colonialism and it was a colossal failure in regard to world peace. It produced two devastating world wars. It’s time to try something new, and Obama is indeed that hope. I join you in wishing him success.

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