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Contest for the Ghanaian and Nigeria Film Industries
by The Ovi Team
2008-07-19 08:41:22
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We, the African Council for Arts & Culture eV (herein known as AFCAC), are a Pan-African Organisation working to keep the African Civilizations alive while promoting International Understanding. We stand for the Dialogue of Civilizations. As a Diaspora-based organisation with a global African focus, we are currently registered in Germany. Our registration details are No. 43 VR 13311 Amtsgericht Koeln and Steuernummer 218/5751/0602 Finanzamt Koeln-Ost.

We have been closely studying the development of the Ghanaian and Nigerian home video sectors since 2004 and we feel very proud to witness how Africans are single-handedly floating a vibrant home grown creative economy without foreign aid and donor preconditions. The Ghanaian and Nigerian home video phenomena are a testimony of the self-reliance and ingenuity of Africans who are tired of the aggressive negative portrayal of their rich Civilizations. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Director General of the National Film and Video Censors Board of Nigeria, Mr. Emeka Mba and his progressive staff for tirelessly leading the sanitization of the home video sector.

While we recognise the huge fundamental challenges facing the young and volatile Nigerian and Nigerian home movie sectors, we have decided to set up shop in West Africa with the aim of working with all sincere stakeholders in securing the respective place of the Ghanaian and Nigerian creativity on the global stage. Our technical partner and focal point in this regard is “Afromedia Film & Television International Group” (herein known as Afromedia with no relation to Afromedia Nigeria Limited) a Pan African multimedia business entity promoting the production and distribution of African Cinema, TV and allied media products under the motto: Deliverer of Highest Quality Programmes from Africa.

We have launched a decade long COMPREHENSIVE GLOBAL BRANDING AND CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMME (2008-2018) to help boost the Ghanaian and Nigerian motion pictures and entertainment sectors as catalyst of a dynamic Panafrican Creative Economy. We also hope to correct the negative portrayal of Nigeria as a “419” fraud country through this programme. Every country has good and bad citizens. It is therefore very unfair to stigmatize Nigeria's 140 millions wonderful people through the greed and arrogance of a few thousand “be-rich-quick” selfish fraudsters.

For the first programme component, we hereby invite all lovers of the new African Cinema and Music to submit NAME and LOGO proposals for the following categories:

The Black Star of Africa boasts of a long history of quality film making. The arrival of the digital technology has however sift the paradigm to Digital Video as in the case of Nigeria. The Ghanaian home movie sub sector is informally nicknamed “Gollywood”. We feels this “gollywood”, name which resonates like “gullibility”, is an insult to the creative talents of Ghana. We therefore invite all fans to submit a serious name and logo proposal for the upcoming Ghanaian Movie Industry.

The prize money is 200,000 Naira (two Hundred Thousand Naira or equivalent in Ghanaian Cedi)
A jury comprising representatives of the Ghanaian filmmakers sitting in Accra will be commissioned to vote for best logo and name entry.

The Nigeria home video sub-sector is currently nicknamed „Nollywood“. “Nolly” means “nothing” and we AFCAC and Afromedia do NOT feel comfortable promoting „nothingwood“ on the world stage. We will also be disrespecting the pioneers of the Nigerian home video like Mahmood Ali-Balogun, Tunde Kelani, Prince Alade Ayomire, Dr. Ola Balogun, Zeb Ejizo, John Amata, Amaka Igwe et al, if we jump into the “wood” bandwagon just because the Indians call theirs “Bollywood” and the Americans “Hollywood.”

There are globally recognized brands that are working working without the “wood” suffix. For instance Sundance, Cannes, Sithengi, Fespaco, et cetera. We need a Nigerian way. Therefore a name and logo that celebrate the intelligence of Nigerian filmmakers without „wood“ or „nothing“ deserve their relevant places.

The prize money for the name and logo that will complement and eventually replace the “nothingwood” name is N200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Naira).

A jury comprising representatives of the Nigerian practitioners and concerned government agencies sitting either in Lagos, Abuja, Jos or Calabar will be commissioned to vote for best logo and name entry.
The winning name and logo will be launched during the 2009 edition of the Zuma Fim Festival of the Nigeria Film Corporation in Abuja, FCT.
Those wishing to stick to the “nollywood” name for the chaotic home video sub-sector are free to do so. However, the names and logos that win this contest, will be jealously protected under the Copyright Laws of Ghana, Nigeria, Germany and will be used exclusively by stakeholders who agree to a set of Code of Conducts to be adopted at an impending stakeholders conference. This is meant to for check abuse and, to promote quality branding, sanity, passion and confidence. The new name and logo (identity) will help the passionate stakeholders launch a serious Nigerian Film Industry according to international common sense.

The history of the Nigerian motion pictures industry is linked with that of the Yoruba language films. The Yoruba Culture is still very much alive in and out of Africa. This can be verified by the Candomble and Capoera in Brazil, the Orisha/Santaria traditions in Cuba, Calypso in Trinidad and Tobago and similar living heritages in other parts of the African Diaspora. Looking at the Mother Continent of Africa, we AFCAC and Afromedia are however disappointed by the fact that traditional African practices like the voodoo are portrayed in the home videos as forces of evil that are negative and inferior to the Abrahamic religions of Islam and Christianity.

While we blame this sad development on the psychological wounds of Colonial/Jihad curriculum, the hypocrisy of the brainwashed African decision makers, the sponsorship of home movies by the aggressive evangelical churches and, the domination of African TV screens by alien media content (copycat reality TV craze, Mexican leftovers, etc), we irreversibly challenge the practitioners, advertisers and programme sponsors to rethink this myopic promotion of “African inferiority complex” in their products. As progressive cultural diplomats of Africa, we feel the blame game is not sustainable. It is therefore time for self criticism and attitudinal change towards our African Heritage, Ancestral Archives and Cultural Orientation. For, only the most progressive, dynamic, creative and vibrant cultures will survive the tough competition of globalisation.

We pray the brave Yoruba filmmakers, artistes, designers, politicians, intellectuals and millionaires take the lead in branding and placing the Positive Progressive Virtues of our African Civilizations in their moves, music and lifestyle for posterity.

Coming to the name issue, we hear acronyms like “Yoruwood” being whispered for the Yoruba home movies but we need a serious name and logo that will best market filmed Yoruba traditions and Culture across the globe.

The prize money for the name and logo of the Yoruba Film Genre is N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira)

A jury comprising representatives of the Yoruba /Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners sitting either at the Holy Historic City of Ile-Ife or Oshogbo will be commissioned to vote for the best logo and name.

Despite the changes posed by the strict interpretation of Islam by some conservative forces, a promising sub sector of the Nigerian home video with Hausa language is emerging from the Northern Nigerian commercial melting of Kano. We are however monitoring, with great concern, the counter-productive suffocation of Hausa-Muslim Creativity by the Kano State Censors Officials and the Hisbah Vigilantes. Islam, according to our Sharia Consultants, is not against creative freedom and we strongly believe the placement of the centuries-old traditional Hausa/Fulani music, language, romance, etiquette and other living heritages in movies, music and allied artworks with some contemporary adjustments do not contravene the teachings of Islam.

We hope to work with the Authorities in Kano, the sister Hausa/Fulani States and the Hausa/Fulani theatre arts practitioners in all progressive manners that will help the Modern World celebrate the rich Hausa/Fulani Heritage without any exaggerated Stone Age restriction. For, the Creative Arts are also there to, among others, provoke debate on outdated rigid taboos, dogma and traditions that are stifling prosperity. We say “yes” to Usman Dan Fodio and no to Osama bin Ladin. Yes to Hausa/Fulani Folklore and no to radical petrodollar hate sermons. Yes to African Creative Freedom and no to “Talibanwood” and “Inquisitionwood!”

We need a serious and respectful name and logo for the Hausa or Fulani language films to replace “Kannywood.”

The prize money for the name and logo of Hausa or Fulani language movies is N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira)

A jury of Hausa or Fulani theatre arts practitioners and cultural officials sitting in Yola, Adamawa State will be commissioned to vote for the the best name and logo suggestion.

Another interesting pillar of the Nigerian home video sub-sector is the Igbo language movies coming largely from the Eastern Nigerian City of Enugu. Though a name like “Ikenga” is making informal rounds as brand for Igbo pictures, we are yet to recognise an stubborn similarity with the Gollywood, Nollywood, Yoruwood and Kannywood madness. Notwithstanding, we needs a serious name and logo for the Igbo language films.

The prize money is N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira)

A jury of Igbo movie practitioners sitting in Enugu will be commissioned to vote for the best name and logo entry.

The promotion of unity and diversity is a paramount component of our objectives. Wile we encourage increase portrayal of rich Yoruba, Hausa, Gha, Pidgin (broken English) Kiswahili language and all other African virtues in films, we strive to promote progressive exchanges between the various Nations of Nigeria and Africa, on the Continent and in the Diaspora. We will continue to support the co-productions of movies, music and artworks that stimulate dynamic interaction of cultures. In the meantime, we need a name and logo for the crossover branding.

The prize money is N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira)

We, AFCAC and Afromedia, believe in the promotion of rich native African cultural sexuality, romance and beauty in the creative arts for civic education. We will support all brave filmmakers and artistes who place African sexuality in their movies and artworks with the aim of educating the young people and couples on sexual health and satisfaction with African specifics. We have no time for cultural hypocrisy and double moral. We shall work tirelessly with all concerned stakeholders and censors officials in promoting anthropological nudity and intimacy as part of the genuine components of our indigenous African values without crossing the red-line to the aggressive commercial pornography imported from abroad. We will, with the next 24 months, organise “Stakeholders' Workshops on Sexuality, Cultural Sensitivity In African Cinema & Related Arts” to draft and approve a binding Set of Code of Ethics for practitioners. Meanwhile, we need a serious Logo and Name for African movies and erotic arts with adult, nude or sexual content to help guide consumers and practitioners.

The Prize Money for the Name and Logo for this category is N150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira)

We have discovered that the rampant incidence of piracy, the chaotic distribution network and pariah structures are suppressing the growth of a serious distribution and funding mechanism. Investors as still reluctant to put their money into the chaotic African film sector due to the afore stated and similar challenges.

Notwithstanding, we are at AFCAC and Afromedia shave decided to risk it by forming the “Afromedia Nigeria Film & Cultural Enterprises Development Fund (pronounced Anf-ced). This Fund will strive to support the development of a reliable and sustainable financing mechanism for Nigerian and African creative talents. The Fund will be managed by Afromedia. We are conscious of the fact that the huge financial losses in the first years of operations will make us fit for the next level. The name “Nigeria” is borrowed to pay tribute to the Nigerian pioneers and to reflect on the potentials of the world's Leading Black Nation, the sleeping Giant of Africa. ANFCED will at all times maintain an open door policy to all creative people in and out of Africa who meet the set funding criteria.

The prize money for the logo of ANFCED is The Prize Money is N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira).
See: afromediafilmtelevision.net/name and logo contest 2008 for more


1.The deadline for entry is September 30th 2008. Entries that arrived after this date will not be considered. To counter any possible delay in postal delivery, we recommend entrants to post their artworks on or before August 21st 2008. Exemption will be granted to entries that arrived after the August 30th deadline provided the post office stamp on the envelope indicates “August 21st 2008” as date of postage. The envelop/ postal package should be clearly marked with “NON-COMMERICAL CULTURAL GOODS ONLY.” Only winners will be contacted and invited to receive their cash prizes during the launch of the respective Name and Logos.
2.The complete list of all eleven (11) entry categories (not published above) can be printed from:www.afromediafilmtelevision.net/nameandlogocontest 2008
3.Entries should be sent in the first instance by REGULAR POST to out technical advisers and focal point :

H.S. Prince Bubacarr Sankanu
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Afromedia Film & TV International Group
REF: Name and Logo Contest for The Ghanaian and Nigerian Film Industries
Gerhart-Hauptmann-Str. 31
D-51067 Cologne
or to Box: Postfach 800144, D 51001 Cologne, Germany

For clarification kindly email: bubacarr@gmx.net, or call : 0049-152-0444-1246

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Emanuel Paparella2008-07-19 11:17:34
Synchronicity? I just finished reading the book “In my Father’s House” by the Ghanian Kwame Anthony Appiah wherein he powerfully suggests, like Derrida and Baldwin used to, via analysis of “Yoruba Man with a Bicycle” that a Eurocentric philosophy of Art has focused almost exclusively on the Western tradition and in doing that has managed to degrade “the art world” with its market considerations. Indeed, it is time to transcend modernity and your organization within a former colonial power perhaps symbolizes it. I wish you much success. After all, African art was discovered in part through the modernist assessment, beginning with Picasso, that it possesses the sort of “significant forms” found in Western modernist works and its presumed set of universally valid criteria. Indeed in the artist’s imagination Africa and the West, as represented by “Yoruba Man with a Bycicle,” are not others to each other. Which in practice, it means that in rejecting a single universal standard for works of art we ought not fall into the opposite fallacy of a full-scale relativism which denies a commitment to transcendent values.

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