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"The Absolutes"
by Jan Sand
2008-07-16 08:52:14
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Is it intelligent for a stone
To fly in perfect parabolic line
When thrown?

Or is it only elemental persistence
To slide along a track
Of minimum resistance?

Any rock will qualify for this arc,
Be it rough boulder, flying mountain,
Or perhaps, a quark.

There is no secret internal device
Tight guidance demands.
Mass alone will suffice.

The laws are simple confining matters.
Push, pull, resistance or compliance.
No violation. Independence shatters.

The mind, no doubt, is complex.
It plans, dreams, calculates,
And seems uninhibited where law directs.

But its substance conforms to stars or rocks.
Its atoms march, or waltz to equal melodies.
It must defer to gravity and clocks.

And it should, for therein lies utility.
Flee from quotidian events
And court danger, death or futility

One must don the universe as hand to glove.
Its boundaries constrain and support.
We and it are unity. Acceptance is love.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-07-16 10:18:31
Love’s as hard as nails.
Love is nails.
They are blunt, thick and hammered through the medial nerve of our Creator.
Having made us, he knew what he had done. He foresaw our cross and his
--C.S. Lewis in “Poems”, p. 123).

The above is the last stanza of Lewis' poem titled Love. It is a prayer as well as a poem. In the first stanza he tells how love is as warm as tears; in the second, how it is as fierce as fire; in the third, how it is as fresh as spring. And the final stanza tells how love is as hard as nails and it is written in our hearts. It is called Natural Law.

Emanuel Paparella2008-07-16 10:22:39
The human race is haunted by the desire to do what is right. People invariably defend their actions by arguing that those actions do not really contradict a basic standard of behavior and decency, or that the standard was violated for good reasons.
Lewis claims that although everyone knows about the law, everyone breaks it. He further asserts that something or somebody is behind this basic law. This obvious principle of behavior is not created by humans, and different people use different labels for this law -- traditional morality, moral law, the knowledge of right and wrong, virtue, or the Way. A Stoic like Marcus Aurelius understood it perfectly for for him it conforms to reason itself. In our general myopia in ethical principles, we “enlightened” people, the children of Descartes, have difficulties discerning it and reduce it it to a mechanical process in a materialistic cold impersonal universe.
According to Lewis, we learn more about God from Natural Law than from the universe in general, just as we discover more about people by listening to their conversations than by looking at the houses they build. Natural Law shows that the Being behind the universe is intensely interested in fair play, unselfishness, courage, good faith, honesty and truthfulness. However, Natural Law gives no grounds for assuming that God is soft or indulgent. Natural law obliges us to do the straight thing regardless of the pain, danger or difficulty involved. Natural Law is hard -- “as hard as nails.”

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