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by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-07-14 18:51:17
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French President Nicolas Sarkozy has warned the European Parliament that the EU must not waste time on more negotiations over the Lisbon Treaty.

He means not waste time on a …corpse?


He said the Republic of Ireland's rejection of the EU's Lisbon reform treaty in June must not lead to "some sort of institutional soap opera".

True, it has become a …reality show, The Survivors!!!


I always regretted that Europe was not wise enough to give itself the right institutions before it was enlarged!

Man, it took you a bit France, Holland and then Ireland but you …understood!


"Maybe one day we'll be obliged to have a two-speed Europe, but that will be the last resort… Europe is a family of 27 nations, we can't leave anyone behind. We have to keep everyone together."

Yeah, and we all sing together …we are family!!!


"If we, the political leaders, do not have the courage to debate - what's the right economic strategy, what's the right monetary strategy, or the right exchange rate... no-one has the right to prevent a useful debate.”We are not calling into question the independence of the ECB (European Central Bank) if we ask whether it is reasonable for interest rates to go up to 4.25% when Americans have 2%," Nicolas Sarkozy said.

And then he woke up!!!


Italy's fingerprinting of members of the country's Roma community is a direct act of racial discrimination, the European Parliament has said.

And Nazis had asked them to wear half star!


Italy's right-wing government introduced the fingerprinting measure saying it would cut crime, avoid children being used for begging and help identify illegal immigrants for expulsion.

Nazis had similar excuses and they included Jews as well!


French President Nicolas Sarkozy says he backs European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso for a second term.

Why? Because he did a good job or because he is worse than Sarkozy and that makes him feel good?


"You ask me if I have a candidate - my answer is yes. You ask if he is sitting at the same table - my answer is yes," Mr. Sarkozy said.

Wrong, my question was when are you both leaving and how fast can this happen!?


There has been an "alarming rise" in the number of racially motivated attacks in Ukraine, according to a new Amnesty International study. The group says more than 60 people were targeted in racial attacks last year. Four people have died this year alone.

Were they all …Russians?


France's first lady Carla Bruni says she will "understand" if the public scorn her album because of who she is.

The best excuse for the worst performance!!! Blame it on him!


"I don't know if I will be able to write an album between now and 2012," she said, referring to the end-date of Sarkozy's mandate. "If I manage to, I would be lucky."

Don’t worry girl, the French people have had enough of him already; you never know, they might send him home much earlier!


Boycott the Nobel Prizes.

Nothing has changed regarding the new law in Sweden for eavesdropping our calls and reading our mails, so BOYCOTT THE NOBEL PRIZES!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-07-16 11:44:15
The cart before the horse? Where are human inalienable rights anchored and secured?

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