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"The Funny Old Man"
by Jan Sand
2008-07-04 08:19:33
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There was an old man who was lonely and grim
And excessively technically minded.
He lived with a cat and an owl that was fat
And a fancy new clock. He'd designed it.

Every hour it rang with a click and a bang
And was good for cooking up noodles.
While down deep inside it secretly fried
Sardines for wandering poodles.
Now poodles can be, as you really can see,
A difficult problem to deal with.
They'd walk in the gate, proliferate,
And snuffle their noses to feel with.
They'd chew up your shoes,
Which does not amuse
When you need them for running and walking.
So the old man decided that when they'd collided
With furniture, floor lamps and footstools,
He'd chase them all out with a stomp and a shout
For not obeying his house rules.
He started his cry, when the sardines did fry
And the poodles, they yipped and ignored him.
They slavered for fish which popped out on a dish
And they ran as a pack and they floored him.
He sat up with a grin as they gobbled the fish
'Cause they looked to him crazy and foolish.
And, he said "Hey, I'll let them stay.
I may be old but not mulish."
So they live there OK, in  their own cockeyed way,
The owl, the cat and the poodles
And the funny old man who eats, when he can,
A rather large plate of cooked noodles

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Get it off your chest
 (comments policy)

Sand2008-07-04 11:06:14
Indeed! There is an error in spelling on line 9. "Realy" should be "really". Or as Sophocles might have remarked if Xanthippe was not beating him about the head for his lazy conversations with the rich louts in the agora instead of getting a job and bringing in some money, "Ah, well!" Food for spelling.

Emanuel Paparella2008-07-04 11:43:32
Most people don't have the foggiest of who Xanthippe is and the only reason history records her is that she was Socrates' carping activist mindless wife who must surely have exclaimed "good riddance" when the old man was "democratically" condemned to death by Athenian democracy for his role as a gadfly. Indeed, Socrates is "the new Orpheus"... and Aristotle did the right thing when he decided to leave Athens in his old age and return to Macedonia not to give an opportunity to Athens "to sin twice against philosophy." Food for thought.

Sand2008-07-04 12:22:09
Indeed! So many philosophers, so little time. Food for food.

Emanuel Paparella2008-07-04 15:10:22
The silver lining here is that fortunately Socrates never wrote anything and so no cultural philistine, be he young or old, can can proceed to digest his books and duly dispose of them, or leave them unread and intellectually starve to death, for that matter. Thoughts to food.

Sand2008-07-04 17:20:03
Indeed! What scholars worldwide never revealed to the public is that Socrates never ever drank that hemlock, he merely chickened out and snuck away using the pseudonym Plato to publicize his ideas and get rid of his nagging wife. Food for hypocrisy.

Emanuel Paparella2008-07-04 18:00:10

Or perhaps he used the alias Gaspar Penerphenopel or Theresa Pertanpopa? If the latter, it means he had a sex change oerformed, the perfect disguise for an hypocrite. O tempora, o mores!

Emanuel Paparella2008-07-04 18:04:37
Errata: "oerformed" should read performed. After all, spelling is important for those who not being able to deal with the content of a message, attack the form.

Sand2008-07-04 18:04:53
Indeed! Trust a Catholic to get involved with sex. Who are these other people? Food for paranoia.

Emanuel Paparella2008-07-04 19:38:05
Indeed, for religion bashers of all stripes, a billion Catholic have all been conceived without sex by some S.M. or other. The pseudonyms, just like Plato for Socrates, are the shadows of one’s self…but the shadow in the cave, alas, knows…. Food for bias, ignorance and subterfuge.

Sand2008-07-04 19:55:14
Indeed! Sorry, I've had enough of your papier-mâché thinking for a while. And it's no food at all.

Emanuel Paparella2008-07-04 23:22:32
Even those who deny their self-identity and resort to aliases eventually get identified and easily recognized by their unique style of thinking and dialoguing. The spectacle of the intellectual bully who resorts to argumenta ad hominem to rationalize his arguments is a sorry spectacle indeed verging on the comic in an old man who ought to have gathered a modicum of wisdom in his journey from womb to tomb. Food for nihilism and the FSM.

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