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Caption This! July 2008
by The Ovi Team
2008-07-03 09:45:03
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It is simple. Look at this photo of the Statue of Liberty and write a caption/speech bubble/thought bubble or anything else that captures your imagination.


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Get it off your chest
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Sand2008-07-03 10:08:26
The US most proudly hails
Its freedoms, but always fails
With its guns and its dope
And huge loss of hope
To explain multitudes locked in jails.

Asa2008-07-03 10:28:05
Do you think anybody would notice if I swapped this torch to the other hand?

Thanos2008-07-03 11:21:00
This is where liberty and rights stop!

Dimitra Karantzeni2008-07-03 11:41:20
It looks like a woman falling down, not being able to cope with all these people who are manipulating her, raping her rights and beliefs... The torch, i believe, is too heavy for her to hold it up for thousands of years and keep it protected from all its betrayers..

Emanuel Paparella2008-07-03 14:28:37
It is a fact that 50% of Americans would like capital punishment retained and that 50% of Europeans would like it reinstated. Given that we seem to be in the same boat despite appearances and the disengenuous competition for the moral high ground, I have a modest proposal: let's place the statue of Liberty (which originally came from France) in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with Thanos' suggested sign on its neck to stay there in exile till "the barbarism of the intellect" is finally defeated on both sides of the Atlantic.

Miss America2008-07-04 02:22:06
not 50% of the 'mericans i no. nobody wants that in seattle

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