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Korkeasaari: Helsinki's Zoo
by Frances Zheng
2008-07-05 08:54:40
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The picture of this handsome "guy" (pictured) was taken in Korkeasaari, which is a zoo on a beautiful island not far from Helsinki. And he is the only big cat in the Cats Valley that was not sleeping in the afternoon, or maybe he was just sleep-walking!

He seemed pretty anxious since he kept walking in front of the glass window back and forth with his eyebrows deeply locked... He lifted his head looking at me occasionally, and then a puff in his nose dragged him back to his deep thought. I know he wants to be freed, just like every other animal in the cages, but people like me would spend 10 euros to keep them in a prison called "zoo" and watch them, taking pictures and enjoying ourselves.

Just like in the movie Happy Feet, which is a wonderful music anime, illustrates how cruel us human beings are in real life by taking food (fish) away from those penguins and other sea animals. I guess after watching this film, seafood markets will have their "off-season" soon more like the influence of Chicken Run to KFC and McDonalds.

When I wandered to the snow owls' place, obviously the couple were napping as well; I noticed one of them woke up all of a sudden by yawning and stretching his sore back. "Baby, hold still, let me take a picture of you!" --click-- They look gorgeous, especially their cat-like fluffy face! Can't help thinking to tickle their chin and see whether they'd laugh.

There were two other tourists passing by, and the awake owl heard them, suddenly leaning his head to the left and trying to see who were there behind their straw-curtain-- Soooo cute! Well, not sure who is watching whom in the zoo now as it seems that we pay for the tickets to let those animals watch us for free! (I can see the whole scene through the cage because I was standing in the front, and the other two people were at the back where the owls can hide themselves from people by the cover of their "curtain".

I must say the Finnish zoo is much more personalized than Chinese ones, for they do add animals' "privacy" into their consideration while building these dormitories, and that is probably another reason I didn't get to see many citizens here, such as little pandas, polar foxes and so forth, as they all stayed in their private little rooms sleeping, and the lions were snoring-- I heard them!)

I have to confess those animals made my day, and it's much more fun staying with them than talking to some dull people! You know how that feels, don't you?

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