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A General Critic of a Hyper-Materialistic Society
by Alexandra Pereira
2008-07-08 10:16:43
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Of course, we could talk about paedophile networks and murders ordered via internet, as well as terrorism, terrorists and their marketing campaigns or (why not?) politics, politicians and their marketing campaigns, multinationals and their marketing campaigns, but when it comes to finding partners and lie them easily, download hardcore porn or be engaged in human traffic, new technologies play an important role as well. First of all, because of their broad scope and reach, second because it’s easy that such dubious activities leave no trace. Third, because inspection of such activities is not effective or still very insufficient.

Access to pornography and “hot chicks” everywhere or proposals like “spend a night with someone on this city”, “get a lay tonight because there are 11 people available near you”, no matter where you are in the world, and more than banal banners and side links in multiple websites, with no restriction whatsoever and often offensive titles, leave one a bit skeptical about the freedoms and wonders of the new technology services, at least the ones without any kind of advisable common sense regulations.

Inspection on these sites doesn’t seem to be done at all and contents are not restricted, as terrorists maybe occupy most heads of the elements of the www police teams and must be the common centre of their worries. On the contrary, such contents are faced as banal and “naughty”, maybe the police officers navigate on those sites during breaks or after a long day at work, maybe they do not wonder how those were filmed, with whom and at what price, maybe they don’t even care. Also website administrators and hosts should be educated for that and restricted on that matter to some extent, pay high fees for infractions and see their websites and hosting services closed or their online activities restricted.

And if you pay, then you can have access to all the contents you want for sure. But it’s enough to search for a key engine or a program cracker for any kid or adult to have access to them. All the photos, all the poses, all the pictures often degrading and of women as in a morbid meat catalogue, how were they taken, with whom and at what price? What stories do they hide? What lies do they show? I mean, in our “modern” societies everything is organized so that even humans have a price, it’s only a matter of price, isn’t it? Is it…?

Your son can have access to all kinds of porn contents while searching for a key to a given a program or other type of more innocent information and he can grow up thinking that representatives of the female gender are equivalent to ribs for sale in grocery shops, and are not worth respect nor dignity. Even if he (by miracle) ends up not thinking like that (common as such contents are and available to everybody, even intrusive, that’s the word to describe most of them), it’s not such a great example coming from the adult world, is it? Worst: your daughter can grow up feeling humiliated herself as a representative of that gender that (it seems) is not worth respect and dignity, not in most parts of this world and not in a large slice of internet sites. Women are the product for sale or free gender humiliation in most links and banners.

I’m not a conservative mind, I consider myself open-minded and tolerant. Still it shocks me. As I stated above, most contents are even intrusive and they show up when you’re looking or researching for something else. There seems to be no control whatsoever on these and on who puts them online and makes them omnipresent. It shocks me also because of another aspect: the mercantile perspective of the human body made a large-scale industry, a virtual and invasive industry. Definitely, dignity of human beings is less and less important when compared to profit. Money has become a meta-value smashing all the other arguments, values, character traits and human rights, it’s the God people die for, even if mistaken and thinking they are dieing for something else… regularly they are dieing for the profit and status of their leaders, brainwashers and mentors.   

On a Hyper-Materialistic Society…

Comfort is great actually. Pity it’s not for everyone in this world yet and never equal, but of course some might say that’s just because the poor are not entrepreneurs or that the inequalities result from the world’s “natural fluctuations” (great excuse to be accommodated, ask the people in worst conditions if they find it natural to be there), as if the distinction shouldn’t be made based on different characters, talents and abilities instead (as if those weren’t “fluctuation” enough), and start from giving more or less equal conditions to everyone. But facing other human beings as objects, relationships as disposable or as mere momentary events for self-relief and narcissistic ego-filling cannot be called an evolution for humankind.

Encouraging such perspectives or that they become the mainstream can be nothing above wretched. That’s where sex becomes a violent power instrument instead of a love statement. What is sold is “instant love”, many times not even that, just instant relief and ego filling (by using others, of course), as instant chocolate mousse by using powder. And it is sold as praiseworthy, or quite commonly given free, for you to try the wonderful benefits it can bring and become a fan!

Why don’t they just use slogans like “You will not want marriage nor love after trying pure utilitarian sex and the ego refreshments and joys of humiliating others” instead of the dirty ones they usually show, popping up in different windows? Oh, right, those mean exactly the same thing.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-07-08 13:52:14
“Money has become a meta-value smashing all the other arguments, values, character traits and human rights, it’s the God people die for, even if mistaken and thinking they are dieing for something else…”

But, Ms. Pereira, if God is dead as properly announced by Nietzsche’s madman roaming the empty streets at night, then it seems to me that what we are left with are mere idols: there are thousands of them but the most popular seem to be sex, power, narcissism, technological know-how, wealth, consumerism, greed. They are all worshipped as gods for indeed Man is religious by nature. Why decry this and be so surprised, asked C.S. Lewis talking to those he dubbed “men without chest,” when in fact we should have known where we would end up when the “enlightened” rationalists of the 18th century proudly announced that Man as nothing but a complicated material machine amounting to the sum of its material component parts and the soul or the spirit is just the ghost in the machine for the passe beliefs of the stupid and naive. Lewis wrote that decades ago, it is even more valid today, and I am afraid things have to get much worse before they begin to get better. Judging from what has happened in the last two hundred years and how evil (another passe word but real nonetheless)multiplies exponentially, what may be coming may make what we have now look like a picnic. I hope I am wrong but I wouldn't bet on it.

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